Bricklayer arrested with 5 guns

Two AK47 rifles and 17 magazines with 30 rounds, were last Wednesday recovered from the home of an armed robbery suspect, Kazeem Adebola.
A bricklayer by profession, 30-year-old Adebola, who resided with his wife and child at Orisumbare Street, Ayobo, Lagos, had hidden the arms in the ceiling of his kitchen.
The arms were allegedly being kept for a notorious armed robbery gang, said to be responsible for a robbery attack in Victoria Garden City last month and a host of other robberies at Ajah.
During the raid on his home by the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Ikeja, three other AK47 rifles and 16 magazines were a
lso recovered from a Honda Civic Coupe with number plates FST 592 BC, parked within the compound.
In an interview with PUNCH Metro, the suspect however denied his involvement with armed robbers. Adebola said, “I don’t know the members of the gang you are talking about. The person known to me among them is a childhood friend, Asumo. It was Asumo who brought the car to my house. I didn’t even know he was a robber then.
“He just told me he wanted the car parked at my home and I agreed. After he left, I searched the car myself and discovered some guns and ammunition. I decided to remove some for safe keeping in my kitchen. I have never gone with them on any robbery attack.”
Two of the rifles were said to belong to policemen who were killed in a shootout with the gang while trying to flee VGC after attacking three homes. The rest came from policemen attached to Ajah, Maroko and Lion Building respectively after they had been killed by the gang.
Police sources told PUNCH Metro that the SARS team who raided Adebola’s home initially recovered only two of the weapons.
He said, “Adebola denied that there were any more guns or ammunition in the house so we went back to our office with only two guns. However, our informant insisted that there were more guns hidden there. It was after intense interrogation that Adebola gave in and confessed that there were more.
“We had to go back to the house for a second time and climbed into the ceiling to retrieve 17 magazines. It was on this second trip that we discovered the car parked in the compound. The way it was covered right up to the tyres, no one would suspect that there was a car underneath the tarpaulin. It was within a specially created compartment within the car that we discovered three more guns and 16 magazines.”
The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umaru Manko confirmed the arrest.
He said, “Adebola was given up by one of his gang members, Ibrahim Akanbi, after he was arrested by SARS operatives at his Isolo home.
“It was Akanbi who led SARS operatives to Adebola’s home at Ayobo. A total of four suspects have been arrested in connection with this case. The other gang members still at large are responsible for so many robbery incidents in the south west. Efforts are being made to apprehend them.”

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