Chocolat Royale Shut Down By NAFDAC Over expired products

Chocolat Royale Shut Down By NAFDAC Over expired products

The popular hangout on Etim Inyang in Victoria Island,Chocolat Royale was shut down by NAFDAC following what insiders alleged to be use of expired and banned products. National Agency For Food and Drug Administration Control.

While several commenters on Linda Ikeji Blog today says they have been warned before now over what the patries they take there.
A particular commenter wrote ” I heard from one of their workers that they use loads of expired products in making their pastries, ice creams and even tea! My source told me this about a Month ago. 

My source also said they intentionally buy products that have few months of validity when ordering abroad because the manufacturers sell those ones with huge discounts… I wanted to come to you with the news, but I thought it wasn’t my business plus you’ve used my gist in the past without any credit. i also didn’t want the news to come back to me, so it was really not about the credit, but my safety because those lebanese don’t joke! Trust me! You can contact me for more gist…no, I’l write you.

 In a related development,  The National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) yesterday arrested three traders of Surgical Devices Section of Bridge-Head Market, Onitsha for selling fake and unregistered medical devices.

The NAFDAC operatives from the Investigation and Enforcement directorate of the Agency in Lagos who stormed the market in company of security men and journalists also sealed four shops where the fake and unregistered medical devices, which are mostly used for test for blood pressure, temperature and insulin levels, were sold.
The leader of the team, Mr Babatunde Omoyeni,
a Chief Regulatory Officer said that the agency was out to mop-up all the imported fake and unregistered medical devices that gives wrong diagnosis which leads to therapeutic failure.
Omoyeni said that the agency was moved by intelligence tip-off on the devices, which shows that the imported fake and unregistered medical devices lead to wrong diagnosis and sudden death of patients depending on their diagnostic results.
“In medicine, we believe so much that (if) the diagnosis is wrong; the whole lot of medical treatment would be a total failure.
“As a way of guarding against this therapeutic failure of a thing; we are out to flush out these medical devices from circulation to protect the companies that are doing genuine products and distributing from the unscrupulous people, traders in the market that are going to other countries to bring in fake medical devices to pollute the system.
`Because somebody that has a problem, a diabetic patient for example, is getting a blood glucose level that is within the normal range, will think it is okay.
“But at the end of the day; the person’s internal organs – the hearts, the kidney  would have all degenerated to the point that the whole thing will collapse and before you know it, the person had died,’’ he said.
The enforcement officer said that the mop-up would be a nationwide affair.
He added that the agency would not leave any stone unturned in its drive to ensure that safe, sound and accurate medical devices are sold and used in the country.
However, some traders in the market complained that they did not know that medical device was under NAFDAC regulation as well as the need to register them.

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