First Bank GMD,Onasanya bows out

First Bank GMD,Onasanya bows out

The group managing director of First Bank Plc, Mr. Bisi
Onasanya retires after many years of meritorious service. A statement by Folake
Ani-Mumuney, FBN Holdings Global Head of Marketing and Corporate
Communications, confirmed the latest news. Onasanya is reputed as the architect of modern day First Bank.

 Mr. Bisi Onasanya is
set to retire at a high point of his career as Group Managing Director/Chief
Executive Officer, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of FBN Holdings
Plc and Nigeria’s most valuable banking brand, at the successful completion of
his tenure.
    His retirement takes effect at the end of the current
Financial Year on December 31 2015. Mr. Onasanya is retiring on the

heels of an
inspiring and enviable career spanning over three decades of diverse management
and operational experience, 21 years of which he has spent with FirstBank,
serving meritoriously in the last six years as Group Managing Director/CEO.

He has been able to stabilise and modernise the expanding
FirstBank brand since his appointment in 2009, thus reinforcing the confidence
of the bank’s diverse stakeholders and the global financial publics.
Mr. Onasanya’s successor will be announced in the last
quarter prior to his exit. This is in sync with FirstBank’s corporate
governance practice, which provides for seamless transition for the office of
Group Managing Director. As is well known, FirstBank’s corporate governance
posture has won it much respect and awards both locally and internationally.
A seasoned banker and chartered accountant, Mr. Onasanya is
a highly respected and personable executive who has established a reputation at
FirstBank for solid performance and sound judgment. He is widely reputed as the
architect of the modern FirstBank, associated with various innovative and
creative achievements. He was Project Coordinator of Century 2 the new
frontier, FirstBank’s far-reaching enterprise transformation project at the
turn of the century, as well as Project Coordinator of the FirstBank Corporate
Transformation project which has seen the bank accentuating its foothold on
modernisation. Mr. Onasanya also superintended the latest composite Corporate
Identity/Brand Refresh of the FirstBank Group, a bold step heralding the
international expansion of the FirstBank brand.
A corporate strategy and development pacesetter, Mr. Onasanya
has ensured the steady internationalisation of FirstBank, which under his
leadership now boasts of subsidiaries with operations across Africa, Europe,
the Middle East and Asia. 
He is also reputed as a people person having pioneered
significant transformation in the development of staff at FirstBank. His tenure
saw the transformation of the bank’s training centre into FirstAcademy, a best
in class corporate university that recently clinched the 2015 Global Council of
Corporate Universities Award for best impact by a corporate university on the
implementation of business strategies. The bank has also received the highly
coveted Best Place to Work award.
An articulate and insightful thought leader in the financial
services industry, Mr. Onasanya has made meaningful contributions as a member
of the Bankers Committee and is the Chairman of the Sub Committee on Ethics and
He has served as a member of the Chartered Institute of
Bankers Sub-Committee on Fiscal and Monetary Policies and a member of the
Presidential Committee on Reduction of Interest Rates. He has also delivered
several papers and served on various conferences C-Suite panels across the
globe. He is Editor of the new book, “Perspectives on Banking in Nigeria”,
featuring a collection of learned articles by banking and finance professionals
including operators, regulators and academics.
Mr. Onasanya is a Director of Africa Finance Corporation
(AFC) and has been Chairman of First Registrars Nigeria Limited, Kakawa
Discount House Limited, FBN Bank UK Limited and Unified Payments Limited. A
Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria he is also an
Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Taxation and a Fellow and Member
of Council of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.
Mr. Onasanya was early in 2015 honoured as The Sun Man of
the Year 2014 and Newswatch Man of the Year 2014 respectively, in recognition
of his outstanding contributions to national development in the financial
services industry.
Under Mr. Onasanya’s leadership FirstBank has been back to
back winner of both national and international awards, having been named “The
Best Bank Brand in Nigeria” four times in a row – 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 –
by the globally renowned “The Banker Magazine” of the Financial Times Group.
 For four consecutive
years, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 FirstBank has been named the “Best Retail
Bank in Nigeria” by the Asian Banker International Excellence in Retail
Financial Services Awards. 
 Other recent awards include the “Best Bank in
Nigeria” in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence, “Best Bank in West Africa” and
“Most Innovative Bank in Africa” in the African Banker Awards, “Best Bank in
Nigeria” in the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards for the fourth time, “Best
Foreign Exchange Services in Africa” in the EMEA Finance Treasury Services
Awards, “Best Banking Group in Nigeria” by World Finance Banking Awards, and
“Best Financial Reporting Company” by Africa Investor.

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