Diezani Alison-Madueke, such is life By Lekan Fatodu

Diezani Alison-Madueke, such is life By Lekan Fatodu
 There’s no doubt that most members of the so-called economic or power elite in Nigeria who arrogantly arrogate the right to our common-wealth to themselves and their clan are the most inhumane in several aspects.
I remember the good old days whenever the immediate past Nigerian Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke coughed the entire circle of the rich – especially the oil cabal – will be thrown into frenetic concern with desperate jostle for a space for a full-page advertorial (worth about £4,000) in major Nigerian newspapers to send a “Get Well Soon” message to the then most powerful minister in Nigeria.
But now that things have gone terribly awry for the woman, the wealthy ‘friends’ of Diezani are no where to be found.
Let’s assume many of them didn’t believe the online source that broke the news a few days ago that the woman was undergoing treatment for cancer in London, Diezani has spoken about her ill-health in a no-holds-barred 11,543-word interview covering 6 pages in ThisDay,

one of Nigeria’s notable newspapers loved mostly by the elite.

Still to my surprise the Mr A, B & co who used to be the first to show consolation to Diezani in several dailies whenever her expensive teacup got broken, rain fell so badly on her specially-build car or whenever she sneezed forcefully have suddenly disappeared into thin air.
I felt a bit sorry for the woman when she repeatedly talked about ‘hindsight’ while expressing regret over some Nigerians she associated with during her reign as the oil minister in the very long interview.
What really baffles me is why most of these leaders always talk about hindsight out of power when they had absolute grace and liberty to embrace foresight to make positive impact on the lives of the ordinary people; and secure a better tomorrow for all through remarkable deeds.
But in Nigeria, such is life.
Meanwhile, as I hope that Diezani will overcome whatever ailment she’s afflicted with soon, I do look forward to a moment when she will properly and publicly answer (not in a newspaper) the many allegations of corruption and abuse of office during her stewardship as Nigeria’s oil minister.

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