How Genevieve Nnaji’s Baby daddy got 3 girls pregnant at the same time

How Genevieve Nnaji’s Baby daddy got 3 girls pregnant at the same time

Bunmi Bevlyn Ogunleyimu shared this touching story of how Nigerian actress Genevieve’s baby daddy abandoned her after getting 3 girls pregnant at the same time.
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This is another true life story. When I was preparing for JAMB, I went for a special
program in a school called Laurels, we should be about 80 to 100 preparing for JAMB in that school then. There was a guy in the class(science class) called Stone.

You know happening guy that drive his mum car around Lagos then will be known by everybody in school. Genevive Nnaji was just an innocent girl helping her mum to sell roasted corn and plantain. That was how Stone impregnated her and abandon her to care for her girl. 

Now Genevive is a very big babe. My late brother use to say you should know Genevive that use to live in Ore Close anytime we are watching home video, I use to tell him that I don’t even know people beside our house. It was one of my JAMB classmate then now a Medical Doctor that told me the whole story last year when he was in Nigeria for exams.

 He said Stone impregnated 3 girls at a time and Genevive Nnaji was one of them so each of them have to take care of their child and that Stone life is upside down, that he is no more in Genevive level, that she doesn’t even want people to know her daughter’s father. Moral of the story, no one know tomorrow so do good to everybody around you.

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  2. Anonymous   August 24, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    Funny how you dragging her name in the mud….frankly speaking we don't want to know. Go get a life. Mtcheew


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