Shoppers note:Inside Shoprite Ibadan By Niyi Tabiti

Shoppers note:Inside Shoprite Ibadan By Niyi Tabiti

By Niyi Tabiti

It was fun
visiting the two Shoprite outlets in Ibadan. One is located at Dugbe, while the
other one known as The Palms is situated along Ring Road, Ibadan. The old Kokodome
is now a spectacular place for shoppers, and onlookers too!
Light traffic: Just like most places in Ibadan, the
traffic was light.

Getting to Dugbe from my Hotel at Mokola was not stressful
at all. 

 In Ibadan, you just have to be careful with
the commercial buses and taxis. Most of them, park right on the road to drop
passengers or carry new ones without signal to the vehicle coming behind. Everywhere is a bus-stop in Ibadan even
right in the middle of the road.

Flat rate of N100 for parking space: At Shoprite in Dugbe, parking is not
free. You get a ticket from the gate attendant as you drive in. When you are
leaving, they simply charge you N100.No machine or queue for payment as you see
at Shoprite, Alausa, Lagos.

Large number of stores: One remarkable thing about the mall is
the large number of stores. It has more outlets than the ones we see at Ikeja
and Lekki in Lagos. It is also very neat. Stores there include Casabella,
Health Plus. As a side attraction, i couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the
food vendors jostling for customers.
They accost
people on the way and openly solicit for patronage by screaming the type of
food they have. ”We have rice,eba…” A guy won my attention but when I ordered
for Amala Ibadan, he said it has finished. I later got the amala I wanted at
Bodija Ojuirin where Ola Mummy Food canteen is located.

Toilet use for N20: At Shoprite, Dugbe, you have to pay to
use the toilet. Users are charged a flat rate of N20.
Proximity to
business district area: Shoprite Dugbe, Ibadan is located very close to the
business district area. The offices include Cocoa house, Central Bank of
Nigeria (CBN), First Bank Nigeria, UBA, Wema Bank Plc.

The palms or Shoprite, Ring Road, Ibadan– has very large parking space. It is
very neat too.
The vehicular
and human traffic are very light when compared to that of Dugbe. The KFC is
situated in a corner that should have been a club.
No charges for
parking, not even a tally or tag but the bold signs that cars are parked at
Owners risk. They have lesser outlets compared to Dugbe.
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