Talk of the town wedding: Dolapo and Gbite Sijuade reveals their love story

Talk of the town wedding: Dolapo and Gbite Sijuade reveals their love story

Desperate Housewives’ Dolapo Ooni has revealed the motivation behind her marriage to Prince Gbite, the second son of the late of Ooni of Ife. Dolapo said the first time they met in 2011 in Abuja, she was not responsive the first time. 

But she got attracted and fell in love with him the second day at a pool party. She
realized that the prince was funny.
She told Thisday  Style interviewer , Konye Chelsea Nwabogor their love story and shocking details of how he proposed.
Hear her “I was
shooting desperate housewives in Ajah and I only had one scene left. I was
meant to be done by 2 pm. My business partner calls to say that we have a
meeting with potential sponsor for my show the Macy project at 6pm. We didn’t finish
the shoot till 8 pm and I was wearing a T-Shirt. 
The traffic is bad. And the ‘meeting
in VI.I called to say I’m never going to make it and I need to go and change. ”

She continued “My business just says I should
just come before the guy leaves. Finally get there at 10 pm and my business
partner says the ‘sponsor is in the bathroom.
 All of a sudden, the music in the
restaurant gets really loud and 6 dancers start dancing. I’m thinking this is a
bit odd but I continued my conversation”
“I didn’t notice one f the dancers holds
up a box. All of a sudden Gbite walks in, takes the box from the dancer and
kneels down and pops the question. I say, “Is this a joke?” and he tells me to
look up and all my friends have been watching from the balcony!”

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see  Dolapo holding running the show on the red carpet or movie locations, she is married to a ‘big’ prince from a very influential royal family. Good news is you will still get to see her high society parties for leisure not for work.

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