Naeto C is
unarguably one of the best rappers Nigeria ever produced. Despite his privileged background, Naeto said it has not affected the way he sees life. “I am focused on doing my own thing,creating legacy for myself in the entertainment industry”

mum was a federal minister of Transport. She was later appointed minister of
Aviation durning President Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure. She was also Nigeria
Ambassador to Ireland before coming back home to serve as National Woman leader
of the People Democratic Party (PDP).
Just last week we set up a meeting on his forthcoming album.As usual,Naeto was punctual to the meeting point at Rhapsody,Ikeja City Mall.Time was 5 pm.
He was wearing this well tailored native attire.No piercing,no tattoo and no sagging.He knew what i meant when i said he is ‘normal’ unlike most hip hop artists who have pierced their ears,customised

hairdo just to attract attention and tattoo all over the body.

“MI is also normal” he said amidst laughter.We talked about the entertainment and journalism before some media friends came to join us.
Naeto who has recorded great hits such as Tony Montana featuring Dbanj and 10 over 10, said revealed why he took him about three years to come up with another album.He told Gistmaster that storming out of Storm Records was a difficult task but he just has to forge ahead. “Now, I am getting over it” he said
“Now everyone can form record label.Anyone can have a manager.What matter most are your fans”
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