Tony Anenih chop-chop Democracy by Dele Momodu (1995)

Tony Anenih chop-chop Democracy by Dele Momodu (1995)

Dele MomoduDele Momodu on Anenih and Baba Gana Kingibe in 1995:There is this elderly man that walks like slow poison. He looks very harmless, but he was a police officer. The old man later joined politics and rose to become the chairman of his party. Miraculously, against all permutations, the party won a free and fair contest. Somewhere along the line, the military umpires chose to intervene.

The election was cancelled. All entrity fell on deaf ears. Unknown to us, the military had it agent within the party and their main target was the chairman. Yes. Before we knew what was happening, Mr Chairman sold off a rare mandate and joined the enemy camp to arrange a quiet burial for the June 12 miracle. Anthony Anenih thus became a record breaker. But the man is not tired yet.

Tony Anenih,PDP leaderIf Anenih could be dismissed as a man suffering from chop-chop syndrome, what do you make of my main man, Baba Gana Kingibe. A vice president-elect, who chose to abandon his man midstream. The only explanation we can fathom is that the man was broke and tired of waiting for manna from heaven.

Editor’s note: Gistmaster culled the statement from Mr. Momodu’s column Pendulum published in 1995. Anenih has been fingered in the $2.1 billion arms procurement deal or Dasukigate, as many love to call the monumental corruption case being investigated and prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Commission (EFCC). By the way, this is 2016 Nigeria.

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