Ex-militant Ajube Causing Trouble In Our Kingdom, Ijaws Cry Out

The ijaw speaking people of Ondo State have raised the alarm over what they described as the ‘instigated crisis situation’ in Arogbo kingdom.

The community in a statement issued in Akure the Ondo capital by the Arogbo Central Forum accused former western commander of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Mr Bibopre Ajube. Dr Akposin Ayubatari signed the statement on behalf of the forum.

The statement read, “One Bibopre Ajube who is struggling to impose himself as the chief security officer of the riverine Arogbo Kingdom has been instigating a crisis situation with a view to sustaining his security consultancy he had with the previous administration.

“Right now, aside concocted security reports with the active collaboration of some unsuspecting security agencies, he has been sitting up non existent insecurity situations in order to create the erroneous impression that without him there won’t be peace.

“We find this dangerous and unbecoming as well as capable of creating the impression that government has abdicated its responsibilities to the people.

“Most disturbing is the fact that right now, Ajube’s attempt to kidnap some youths in Ajapa town has created a crisis situation leading to the death of an unidentified number of youths. The impression being created by Ajube is that without him there us no security or without the continued engagement of his outfit known as Gallery, the riverine area is unsafe.

“In either of these situations, the reality is that without Ajube there will be peace. The military should do it’s job.”

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