How you can retrieve your missing MTN SIM within 5 Minutes!

How you can retrieve your missing MTN SIM within 5 Minutes!

When I misplaced my MTN phone number at the Eyo Festival in Lagos, I thought it was going to be difficult to do a SIM swap. Sim Swap is the process of getting your old SIM card replaced with a new SIM using the old number.

There are various reasons why people do this. Some do so because their phone is either stolen or missing. In some situation, some do phone swap because their phone sim is damaged.

  1. Immediately, I noticed that my phone was missing, I dialed 180 the MTN customer care number on another phone. The attendant told me to visit any MTN Customer Care Centre. He asked me not to block the number yet. Otherwise, I would take a longer procedure.
  2. According to the attendants, the requirement for replacement of MTN sim card replacement is a valid ID card such as International Passport, National ID card or Driver’s license. He asked me not to block the line yet.
  3. The attendant told me MTN Relationship /customer care service centers usually close by 5 P.M. Luckily, they open on Saturdays. I checked my time, it was already 4.20 PM.
  4. I gave it a try.
  5. I got to the MTN Customer Care office and I was given a form to fill. I also gave them my ID. The customer care officer made a photocopy. You need to write six numbers that you call frequently.
  6. After passing the form to the CC Officer, he checked and asked me for a payment of N150 only (One hundred and fifty Naira only).Then he gave me a new sim with my old number on it!
  7. On my way out, he told me to allow the SIM card propagate. He said in the next two hours the new sim should work.
  8. Two hours later, I inserted the sim. A call came in and I knew that my old mobile number is back!

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