Lady Who Refused To Go On Dates Because Of Her Weight Is Now Looking For Love After Incredible Transformation…

An 18stone woman who refused to ever go on a second dates because she was so worried about her weight is now looking for love after shedding a whopping six stone. Toni McDermott went out with people but said she never let anyone get close to her because she wasn’t comfortable with her size.

The 26-year-old said: “I never felt good enough for anyone.” “If anything, I pushed people away. And I hardly ever got as far as a second date because I didn’t dare let anyone get close.”

Now though Toni, from Huyton, Merseyside, is feeling great and on the lookout for love after losing a massive six stone in just 10 months.

“I feel amazing after losing so much weight. All my mates have got boyfriends so I suppose it would be nice,” she smiles. “And who knows, now I’m ready I might find Mr Right.”

Toni has always had an issue with her weight, and not surprisingly as she confesses her diet has always been far from perfect.

Toni can hardly believe how much food she got through in a day – and little of it healthy.

Toni has half a stone to go before she reaches he target weight and is keen to inspire others: “It can seem overwhelming if you have so much to lose but, if I can do it, anybody can – and should. “I am going out and having holidays… I am young and enjoying my life.

“I can honestly say, I am fine on my own but now I making the most of my life it would be nice to find someone to share it with. And this time, if I get a first date, I will have the confidence to go on a second one too.”

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