Sylvia Edem stars Wale Ojo, Charles Okocha, Shirley Igwe, Mary Uranta others in Sandcastle

Sylvia Edem stars Wale Ojo, Charles Okocha, Shirley Igwe, Mary Uranta others in Sandcastle

One of Nollywood’s leading light, Sylvia Edem, unveiled her new movie, Sandcastle at a well-attended press conference held at the Best Western Hotel, Victoria Island on the 30th of May, 2017.

Sandcastle, which is scheduled to be premiered July 9 features award winning actors and well known faces in Nollywood. They include Wale Ojo, Charles Okocha, Shirley Igwe, Mary Uranta, Sylvia Edem, Bassey Okon Bassey among others like Gift Akiri, Mary Akiri, Nzoma Onyia and Vidal Briggs who came out to support one of their own.

A romantic thriller, Sandcastle which was directed by Edward Ukah, not only provides entertainment but also lends a voice to the plight of the physically challenged in the society, the visually impaired in this case. Sylvia plays the role of Timi, a young blind girl who finds favour in the eyes of a prominent man Wale Ojo (Ayade). Mary Uranta, Esosa in the movie, upwardly mobile lady and every man’s dream, yet not satisfied that, she competes for the attention of Ayade, the blind girl’s love interest. Sandcastle is a story that gives hope.

While addressing the press, Sylvia reveals that the movie will be at the cinemas from the 14th of July. “We plan to take this movie to every state in Nigeria because it’s not just a movie but one that rekindles hope. Through this movie, the physically challenged needs to know that they are not different from any other person, they are accepted and that they can be who they want to be. As a matter of fact, we’ll be giving out free tickets of the movie to the physically challenged in every state we go to screen Sandcastle, she said”

Mary Uranta on the other hand said when she saw the script, she wanted to be part of It. “Nollywood likes to stereotype a lot so this movie will give people a chance to see the other side of me. I’m versatile but I have been stereotyped. So for me, I want people to come out and see this movie, said the CEO of 50th film Academy.

Shirley Igwe said it was her second time of working with Sylvia Edem. “The first time I worked with Sylvia was in 2013. I must say it was nice filming this work with her and the other cast”.

“This is my first feature length movie,” quipped Bassey Okon Bassey. The singer who has added acting to his portfolio said, “As an artiste I get to be in front of the camera every now and then but this is different. I’m grateful to Sylvia for giving this opportunity. I enjoyed the set of Sandcastle. And the storyline for me is different”

Gift Akiri, a friend of Sylvia Edem revealed that she did the research for the character of Timi, the blind girl. “I actually visited places where you have a lot of people with disabilities to talk to them and ask them questions. I went with clothes, food and money. I have always wanted to do something on them, so Sandcastle made it a dream come true, she said.

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