Constitutional Amendment: FCT Natives Threaten Showdown As Reps Reject Ministerial Slot

By Tarkaa David, Abuja

Following the recent rejection by the House of Representatives for a ministerial slot for the Federal Capital Territory natives, the coalition of FCT Indigenous Associations and all other concern FCT Natives staged a protest blocking major roads in the city.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday in Abuja, the leader of the group Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf, said that the move is capable of causing violence thereby exposing Abuja residents to security threat.

Yusuf explained that the problem of Nigeria has always been marginalisation and  “we resist any further attempt to redicule the natives.

“If the senate has agreed to a constitutional amendment for an FCT minister and the House of Representatives has refused to accept it then we want to make it categorically clear that the refusal is exposing FCT residents to danger.

“The perceived marginalisation has bred a kind of agitation that will soon result to security threat,” he said

He added that the natives will go to any length to press home their demands even if it means to carry arms.

The natives further reiterated that they cannot be alive and not have a representative at the federal executive level.

“At this point, we can do anything. Abuja residents should know that the land is no longer safe, we want to inform the lawmakers that if they want us to carry arms to be heard as it is the traditional in the country, we will do so,” he stated

Our correspondent gathered that major roads leading to the FCT from Kuchingoro Airport road, Charley Boy Junction Gwarimpa are amongst the roads blocked by the Natives  as they massively turn out in their number’s to protest what they referred to as “injustice” on them by the federal lawmakers for voting against a ministerial slot for the FCT natives.

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