Hernandez chose West Ham over Italian, Spanish clubs

A desire to return to the Premier League made Javier Hernandez turn down a Spanish club and two Italian clubs to join West Ham.

Javier Hernandez

Also called Chicharito, the striker joined the Hammers from Bayer Leverkusen for a £16million deal on Monday.

Speaking at a media conference, he said: “I had other options. One in Spain, two in Italy. There were options. In the last two transfers I made it on the last day, now it was more calm, more easy.

“Thankfully I’m here in West Ham where I wanted to be, hopefully I can make a very good season and make a lot of good performances so that all the people will be very happy.”

On why he agreed to join West Ham after the club had failed in their initial bid to acquire his services when he left Manchester United for Leverkusen in 2015, Hernandez said “The trainer when he called me three [two] years ago as well, since then we stayed in contact and then when we saw this opportunity we both took it,” Hernandez said when asked why he chose West Ham.

“And because West Ham is showing more ambitions than last season. They want to do it much better. They want to do similar to two seasons ago when they qualified to Europe.

“That’s why I am here. I’m in the best league in the world, one of the most historic teams in England as well. We have a very ambitious season and hopefully we can achieve those goals.”

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