How Lagos Runs Girls blackmail, drug and rob lovers


Runs Girls or better still Call Girls are almost everywhere. From their initial major base – Allen Avenue and Opebi, they have fanned out to everywhere there are major clubs or hang outs. They no long operate at night alone. They also run their business at day time.

They are everywhere, on social media and on the streets. They are on Oba Akran, Shoprite Ikeja, Shoprite Lekki, Fela Shrine, Egbeda, Yaba, Ojuelegba, Agege etc.

They line up the roads in these areas at night awaiting their sweet customers. But, beneath their beautiful cosmetic faces are evil intentions to exploit maximally their customers through stealing, drugging their customers and taking undue advantage of their customers’ satisfaction before vanishing into thin air.

Late last year, Imoleayo, 24 was picked up by Hassan at a hang out in Yaba for a twosome. Imole wanted N30k before surrendering herself but the customer could only pay N20k. She declined the offer but because it was late, she passed the night untouched.

Before day break, Imole had stolen Hassan’s ATM card and thereafter gleaning at his customers’ PIN while Hassan was trying to transfer N5k transport money to his friend through his online banking application.

The next day, a Saturday, Hassan started receiving the first alerts of N20k on his phone. Hassan’s ATM balance gave him out as fully loaded. Imoleayo, dashed to her boyfriend’s abode in Abeokuta and revealed what she was in possession of a loaded ATM card.

By Sunday, N700k was gone from Hassan’s account courtesy Imole’s shopping spree with her boyfriend in Abeokuta.

Also last year, Francisca at the usual inn for a treat of her man friend secretly filmed Kunle while coming out of the toilet naked. The next Kunle saw was his naked video via Franscica’s Whatsapp and a threat to expose the video through Kunle’s wife’s facebook page.

After two days of pleading, Fransisca requested for an iphone 6 in exchange to completely destroy the video. After receiving N180k for the iphone, she promised her customer that the video had been destroyed.

Not up to a week after, Franscica threatened to expose the video again. She wanted N80k to offset the medical bills of her fibroid infected sister. She got that again until RRS tracked her to her fiancés house in highbrow Ikeja.

Recently, Mitchel, 37, from Delta was nabbed by RRS. Her offence: she drugged her medical doctor lover in an hotel somewhere around Ojodu – Berger before eloping with her lover’s car, laptop and mobile phone.

She had perfected the vehicle’s custom papers and was on the verge of selling the car when she was pinned down in Warri, Delta State by RRS Decoy Team.

Some runs girls are Treasure Hunters. What they go after are your gold rings, neck laces, wrist watches etc.

Another dimension of runs girls crime was the angle provided recently, by an arrested Bank fraudster. Michael, an ex – banker disclosed to interrogators that, his gang work with club girls to tear out cheque leaves of the customers, which they work on the withdraw a “token of N500,000:00”.

Stories are replete of cases of runs girls exploiting their customers. There are several customers still groaning silently from loses to some of these girls.

If you have to ease yourself, please be careful not to fall into Runs Girls’ net. You might not be lucky to have her arrested. Then, you would have to groan in silence.

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