PDP chief berates APC on handling of President’s health status

THE Chairman, Kunukunuma Federated Communities of Gbaramatu Kingdom and Poeples Democratic Party, PDP,  chieftain, Chief Moses Bebenimibo, has tasked the All Progressives Party, APC, led government to come clean on the President Muhammadu Buhari health issue.

Bebenimibo made the call in Effurun, Delta State while playing host to his political followers in his office.

According to Bebenimibo, the manner in which the President health issue is being handled has left much to be desired.

“I feel ashamed that a whole President life is being used as an avenue for exploitation and manipulation.

“The APC government should come clean on the health status of the President and stop embarking  on expensive visits to London.

“Anyone can fall sick, so it is not a new thing. Besides, the President is an old man who deserves enough rest now, he should resigned quietly if he can longer cope.

“Governance is an energy-sapping activity which needs active and agile people who can absorb pressure.

“In advance world, every information about his health will be in the public but here everything is in secret”.


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