Proponents Of Restructuring Are Just Playing Politics – Iriase

By Patrick Ochoga

The Deputy Majority Whip of the House Representatives, Mr Pally Iriase, yesterday stated  that the demand for restructuring from different ethnic groups in the country was nothing but political.

The member representing Owan Federal Constituency on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), stated this when fielding questions from journalists in Benin yesterday.

Beside, the Lawmaker also sued for understanding and shift of ground on the part of the Executive and Legislative arms in seeming face off.

Iriase who said the demand was an agenda setting by the opposition political party,  noted that Nigerians are a lot wiser to fall for their ploy.

He said the call by the proponent of restructuring should have been more specific in the form and shape of restructuring they are talking about.

According to him, “It is all noise and no serious substance for the call. It is an agenda setting by the opposition and Nigerians must began to ask questions. Nigerians must be aware of the gimmick of politicians.

“You are calling for restructuring when 90 per cent of the States are not viable. These people are yet to tell us what they want and what manner of restructuring they are talking about.

“I look at the list of those “Leaders” who come together in the name of group and Geo-politcal zone and i see that they are mostly those who lost out in the last general elections.

“When the economy was was good, especially during the high price of crude oil, this same elements did nothing to save for the raining day, rather, they they were helping themselves with the common wealth.

“We are in terrible times, we must all come together as a people to build the economy.”

On the feud between the executive and legislature, Iriase said there was nothing wrong with it provided the focus is on service delivery.

He however expressed worry that some persons have taken advantage of the seeming tension for their selfish interest.

While hoping that the feud would not be mismanaged, Iraise called on the Acting President, Yemi Isibanjo to find a common ground to resolve the contentious issues.

“My advise is that both side must learn to accommodate each other, by our presidential system, none of the arm of government can do it alone and we must be temperate in our comments.

“Comments that emerge from executive and that from the legislative arm of government must be agreeable, it must be targeted towards consensus building rather than conflict.

“I think that disagreement is not an out rightly bad thing because if there is no disagreement, whatever agreement you have would hardly be in the interest of the populace.

“I see the disagreement as a healthy one because we need to build institution, we need to give respect to institutions.

“I do not subscribe to the view that there is no need for compliance with the constitutional provision. The moment you throwaway your constitution and you move outside the rules laid down then you have a Bastian state.

“That being so, i expect that this disagreement can easily be resolve on a round table for the interest of Nigerians,” he stated.


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