Quit Notice: Women call for action against hate speeches

By Gabriel Ewepu

ABUJA- AS agitations of restructuring and referendum continues across the country, women under the aegis of Virtuous Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative, VWYEI, has called for action against hate speeches across the country .

•Esther Akwo

The National Coordinator, VWYEI, Esther Akwo, made the statement as she spoke on current issues affecting the polity.

Akwo said some leaders are misleading and instigating young people to carry arms against themselves with hate speeches. She advised the youths not to allow hate speeches to deceive them, but rather be wise and approach issues with maturity.

She said:”We the mothers, wives and sisters of this young people some so-called leaders are inciting to carry arms against themselves, and as a result lost their lives, state emphatically that those beating drums of war and promoting hate speeches over the social media and rallies should have a rethink because it would not do us any good as individuals, families and communities.

“We want the various leaders to look into the future of these young people and know what is best to secure their future and not to push them against each other and we begin to regret.”

Resource control and security

She also called on the National Orientation Agency, NOA, to sensitise the people against all forms of violence but to choose the path of rational way to address national issues but not through violence.

She also urged the government and well meaning Nigerians to proffer solutions on restructuring, resource control and security.

“We want the government and well meaning Nigerians to proffer solutions on the issue of restructuring, resource control and security before they would be hijacked by some so-called leaders and plunge the nation into uncontrollable bloodshed, in which women and children would become victims

“We also want the NOA to rise up and start aggressive public enlightenment about the deadly consequences of war, sectarian violence, hate speeches, and other forms of violence that would eventually engulf the nation”, she warned.

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