We are dying here in Lekki – Actress Ogoma Obi cries

The residents of flooded Lekki, Lagos; are not in the best of moments as most of them who were unlucky to be trapped in by the heavy downpour occurring since a couple of days back are yet to come out of their various residences.
This was confirmed to encomium.ng by a Nollywood actress cum singer, Ogoma Obi who has been locked inside her residence at Babalola Estate, Lekki Phase 1 extension since five days ago.
According to the Imo born thespian, it has been another world entirely for all of them residing in the vicinity. She lamented the life threatening and  unconducive situation, calling on the Lagos government to come to their rescue before things get out of control.
“My brother, we’re dying here. This is not a joke. I have been indoors since five days. None of us can come out of our apartments. Even, we need the assistance of the government and well meaning Lagosians and Nigerians by extension to come out of this bad situation we’re in at the moment. The situation is very terrilble. Vehicles can’t move. We can’t even step out. No light, no water. All our generators have been over run by flood. In fact, this is perhaps the worst moment of my life. It’s like being in a cell. The worst thing now is that we have run out of food, and we can’t move out. If I can come out of this terrible situation, l won’t come to Lekki untill the end of rainy season. In fact, I regret being in Lekki now. I have missed many locations, and there is no hope we will come out soon because the whole place is still flooded, it has not gone down at all. I pray God takes control.”

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