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Dr Maxwell Ubah, a graduate of medicine from College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Akoka is also a certified leadership, strategy and peak performance consultant. He holds the prestigious Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy from London Business School. In this interview with BAYO AMODU, he spoke on  the qualities a good business leader should have among others.

What are the qualities of a good business leader?

In my book, The Alphabet of Leadership, I addressed what I called The IDEAL Leader. IDEAL is an acronym that stands for integrity (demonstrates character and competence), decisiveness (makes the tough decisions for the long term success of the organization), emotional energy (controls one’s emotions and is empathic towards followers), attitude (knows that leadership is just all about him or her) and leadership styles (uses the right leadership style depending on the person or situation). It is my opinion that any leader that exemplifies these five qualities will succeed, whether in business or in life.

What is your definition of leadership and success?

A leader is that individual that accepts responsibility for others for their benefits. This definition has nothing to do with titles, positions or where one sits in an organisation but with the sense of responsibility one exemplifies and the benefits he/she has added to the people or organisation he or she is involved with. So leadership is simply value addition or creation.

The second definition is that a leader is someone who helps others to win or creates the environment for the constituents to win. Looking at political leadership in Nigeria and Africa, how many leaders will pass this test of creating an environment to make their nations and state better? Very few I guess.

Success is tied to contributions, not accumulations. That is, you are a success not because of how rich you are but because of the contributions you have made in the lives of others. Impact, not income, is the true measure of success.

Why did you come up with a programme tagged: ‘Personal transformation 1.0?’

My various roles as a leadership coach to individuals and organisations and also as a pastor bring me in contact with people every day. In both roles, I see people every day who need help and I have often asked myself why? Why are they stuck? But most importantly to discover how. How can they make the necessary changes in life to achieve their full potential? Consequently, I have invested hours reading several books on making changes. This programme  is my own way of giving back to people, to help them make the changes that are needed for them to rewrite their own stories. It comes up on Saturday September 2nd, 2017 at House of Rest in Ikeja, Lagos. Intending participants can register for the programme by texting RESERVE MY PLACE, NAME AND EMAIL to 08134474442.

Why did you specialise in leadership and peak performance?

I believe performance follows the direction and effectiveness of leadership. As Emerson wrote, “Every great organisation is the lengthened shadow of one man, his character determines the character of the organisation.” So if you look closely to an organisation, a state or a nation, you will find this to be true: leadership determines effectiveness and performance, always.

I decided to major in leadership to help individuals and organisations achieve a quantum leap in performance both at an individual level and also at an organisational level.

What is THE LEADERSHIP CHURCH all about?

The essence of a church is not about its activities, programmes, buildings or structure, but its purpose and vision. Purpose is the reason why the church was established and vision is what the church is trying to do, become or accomplish. A church’s purpose isn’t decided but discovered. That is, a church’s purpose is hidden in the heart of God and what the leadership of the church ought to do is understand God’s heart and draw its purpose from there.

If you look at Scriptures, you will find out that God’s eternal plan has always been in three dimensions—the redemption of the individual, family and nation. I call it the tripartite dimension of God’s eternal plan. First, every plan begins with the individual. God wants to redeem individuals.


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