Habu Muazu Donates Bicycle To Man Who Trekked From Gombe To Abuja.

By Chuwang Dung, Gombe.

Yeriman Kashere Habu Muazu, a gubernatorial hopeful in Gombe state, over the weekend presented a bicycle to Mallam Buba Dukku, the man who trekked  from Dukku to Abuja in  2015 to celebrate the election of President Muhamadu Buhari election.

“Habu Muazu is the most humble and the  most generous politician I have ever met,” Buba said after shaking hands and accepting the bicycle from the representative of Habu Muazu in Dukku.

Mallam Buba, who said the All Progressive Congress (APC) aspirant has brightened his day, noted that his desire was to own a bicycle to aid his movement to his farm and also campaign for  APC in neighbouring communities.

“I was never expecting this. This is a great relief and it will be a great help in taking me to the farm and also in spreading the gospel of APC,’’ Buba said.

Buba who spoke in Hausa, commended Habu Muazu for his intervention and called on all the people of Gombe to shine their eyes and ensure that they vote for him in 2019.

Speaking Bar. Luka Haruna, a close associate to the aspirant who said Buba became popular after his adventure from Dukku to Abuja , made a request that his only desire is to own a bicycle.

He said that the request of Buba became known to the Yeriman Kashere, and he made a pledge “And thank God we are delighted and privileged to redeem the pledge today.”




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