Protest: 600 Niger-Delta Youths Turn-Up for PMB


About 600 Niger-Delta Youths have stated that no matter how many protesters swarm the nation’s capital, Abuja to protest against President Muhammdu Buhari in a bid to force him to resign, such protest does not hold water because his health challenges has not breached any legal or constitutional matter.

The pro Buhari youths who besieged the Unity fountain, carrying all sorts of banners with various inscription like “Niger Delta youths in support for President Muhammdu Buhari”, “Niger Delta, PMB we know”, “Leave PMB alone”,  ‘sickness is not a crime” and “Buhari is only sick not corrupt”, further said that it was understandable that the absence of the President is a cause of concern to people, they however added that the constitution does not punish anyone for being sick.

Articulating the position of the protesters, the Convener, Chief Michael Johnny while addressing journalists stressed that there was no requirement for the removal of the President because he was sick, no matter the length of time.

Johnny said: “Granted that the absence of the President due to ill health is a cause for concern, to every well-meaning Nigerians, ‘concern’ that he should regain his food health speedily. Beyond that, I see no other issue, legal or constitutional, which his health engages.

‘Our constitution does not punish anyone (and for that matter, the President) for being sick. Indeed, there is no requirement that a President should either be removed from office or himself be required to voluntarily resign from office because he is sick. No matter the length of the sickness.

“To suggest otherwise would be to tread into treating President Buhari less favorable than other people which would be in breach of his fundamental right to freedom from discrimination.


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