“Shocking! How a Chinese Herbal Tea I Bought Online Made Me Stop Wearing Glasses after 16 Years”

the true life testimony of a 34 year old UNICAL graduate who got cured from long-sightedness after almost 16 years of wearing glasses

My name is Segun Adams Rotimi and just like you, I used to have eye issues too.

In my own case I had a very serious case of long sightedness, and at just 18 I was already dependent on my prescription glasses so much that I wore it practically all the time….for 16 good years!

But when my doctor was giving me those glasses what he told me was: “Rotimi, in just a short time this will correct your eyesight, you will stop wearing them and your eye will be fine”

But It Never Got Better

As a matter of fact it got even worse, till the point that if I leave the house and I forget my glasses at home I will immediately begin to panic….because I knew that without those glasses I was as good as blind.

I could not work without them….i could not see well without them….without my glasses everything will be so blurry that my head will end up banging at the end of the day.

One Day I Realized One Dangerous Thing, Something You Too Must Have Realized By Now

Which is that…If you don’t reverse your eye defect now it will grow worse. And the reason is because the eye is delicate, the moment it starts having issues, if nothing is really done about it, it will just get very bad.

And here is the truth about most of the eye treatments you get. They are designed to only help you manage your problem or just improve it a bit; they do not cure the root of the problem. They just scratch the surface and then leave you with the real root cause of the problem.

The Moment I Realized This I Started Searching For Something That Can Cure My Eye Problem Once And For All

I went online and I read practically every single thing I could find about the eye. How it works, and why eye defects happen.

I read over 270 articles on eye defects alone online, bought about 30 promised cure for eye defect – most of which failed woefully. I met loads and loads of eye doctors that only ended up prescribing glasses for me that were supposed to correct my eye defect but ended up correcting nothing.

By the time I was done I had spent close to 300,000 naira plus on all of my eye treatments alone.

Plus My Eyesight Got So Bad That One Day I Decided To Go Ahead & Get an Eye Surgery

….that was when my mother stepped in and said, “Look, enough about this madness with your eyes. You are not getting an eye surgery”. After two weeks she sent me a link on whatsapp and said: “Rotimi, order for this tea”

And That Simple Website Link Changed My Life Forever

With this I have been able to improve my eyesight so much that I can now read without my glasses on, someone who used to be dependent on prescription glasses before.

And for 3 years now I have been selling this product to help people just like me cure their eyesight problem and get the same freedom I got when I cured my problem.

What you are looking at right now has been used for almost 9 years in hospitals all over Asia and Europe to cure practically any form of eye defect you can imagine

Look, I will not try and start raining praises on this thing.

….it led me to this product ===== > http://bit.ly/2uOR5FN

But All You Need to Do Before You Get This Herbal Eye Tea Is This

Read right now without your glasses and notice how bad your eyesight is, then get this tea, take it twice a day – morning and night. Do it every day for 30 days. Then after 30 days, try reading again without your glasses and see the results for yourself.

The drastic improvement will shock you, and the letters will be so clear you will be able to see every letter, every comma, and every single full stop without your glasses.

  • With this single herbal tea you will permanently cure your eye defect fast, and stop yourself from being too helplessly dependent on your prescription glasses like you are now.
  • You will stop panicking whenever you leave the house and you forget your glasses behind.
  • And you will stop endangering your life whenever you drive at Night.
  • Plus you will be able to watch TV, read and see things freely & clearly like every other normal person.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ===== > http://bit.ly/2uOR5FN

The Question Right Now Is – Do You Want To Keep Living with That Eye Condition and Do Nothing about It or Do You Want To Try This Out & Have Normal Eyesight for a Change

Because, right before you, is a cure that really works. And finding something like this is very rare, if you close this page and leave it might be the last time you will ever see something like this ever again. And I’m not just saying this just to get you to buy, It is just the truth…..This herbal tea is imported and is not sold anywhere else in Nigeria right now. You can go and check.

So which is better – do nothing and just walk away? Or cure your eye problem once and for all? You pick one

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ===== > http://bit.ly/2uOR5FN

Only 90 Packs Left”

And I’m even very confident that it will sell off fast. Right now more than 2000 persons are currently reading this page with you, and there will be a massive rush for this product after they are done. So if you call us and we have run out of stock kindly bear with us. We import the Eye bright tea once every month, so if you don’t get it now we will need you to be patient till the last week of next month to get it.

But If You Are Among the First 40 Persons to Place an Order for the Eye Bright Tea Now You Will Get

  • A Whooping 10,000 Naira Discount on your purchase.
  • A secret Eye Drop Worth 5000 Naira to fasten the effect of the herbal tea – Absolutely Free of Charge.
  • Plus a 90 day money back Guarantee if it does not work for you within 90 days. All you need to do is just call 09095159064 and ask for your money back. I would rather give you back your money with a clear conscience than sell you something that doesn’t work for you and then get cursed.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ===== > http://bit.ly/2uOR5FN

To access all these packages plus more, quickly call 09095159064 to place an order now


CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ===== > http://bit.ly/2uOR5FN

How to Order Now.

Send the following as SMS to=> 0909-515-9064
**Eye Bright Tea** Option you want**Full name**Phone number**Delivery Address**Local Govt**state**

(1)Option One (2 Packs) N25, 000

(2)Option Two (2 Packs) => N39, 000

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order ASAP
****Shipping is Free!

Here Are What Other people have to Say about This Herbal Tea

….it led me to this product ===== >

And This Might Interest You – Here Is Why This Tea Works This Well

The moment you start taking this tea, the herbs instantly dissolves into your blood stream and is carried to your eyes where they enter the blood vessels in your eyes and immediately starts sending massive nutrients right into it, and slowly these nutrients begins to reshape your cornea and pupil until it is healed.

It addresses the root cause of your eye defect and solves the problem from the inside out…just exactly the way Panadol works when you have a headache. You swallow it, it dissolves inside your body and is sent to wherever you have pain and heals it.

So It Is Up To You Now

all you need to do is simply pick up your phone right now and place an order, then sit back and the eye bright tea will be brought to you wherever you are in the country. Just that, and in 5 days’ time you will have a permanent solution to your eye problem right in your hands to use however you want…..and with time, faster than you think, you will be able to finally look at things and they will be clear to your eyes again.

Again Here Is How to Order Now.

Send the following as SMS to=> 0909-515-9064

**Eye Bright Tea** Option you want**Full name**Phone number**Delivery Address**Local Govt**state**


(1)Option One (2 Packs)==> N25,000


(2)Option Two (2 Packs)=> N39,000


Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order ASAP

****Shipping is Free!

PS: Now you have the chance to FINALLY dump those annoying Eye glasses & expensive eye treatment for good.

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