If You Don’t Last Up To 20 Minutes During Sex, Your Wife Is Cheating on You – Solution is Here


My Wife Was Gone For Good…

I cant completely blame her for cheating on me..If I had satisfied her sexually am sure she wouldn’t have any reason to cheat….her departure led me to the solution to my predicament!

I hail from ‘a certain village’ in Njaba LGA of Imo state where it’s a gruesome taboo for a man to sleep with a duly married wife who cheated on him for any reason.

Our forefathers made it so, probably out of jealousy and to protect their wives.

Over the years, strong men of God have tried to break that age long nonsense to no avail.

Any indigene of my village who tries to sleep with a cheating wife
dies mysteriously within the next Afor market day – no two ways about it.

Stories abound of some men from my village, who lived abroad and think they can get away with sleeping with their wives who cheated…

They tried it, and the next the village saw was their corpses.

So, the issue of bringing back my wife; Nike was not in the table.

She was gone for good 🙁

Left with no option, I carried on with my miserable life, and immersed myself in church activities.

Few months later…


I saw myself falling in love with one of the sisters, Annabel.

Annabel is a beautiful young Edo lady, in her mid 20s. A staff of Ecobank.

She’s also endowed but not as much as Nike.

Things got so well between us that we started moving along.

People around could sense the growing chemistry.

She started visiting, and in most times, things got really hot between us.

In most cases, we got so close to doing it.

Of course, I’d always stop the action anytime we’re getting close to doing the real do;

…doing everything I could to make sure she never see my johnson.

We would kiss for minutes, smooch, and in few occasions, I’d finger her till she squirts all over.

What was left was the penetration… and that’s exactly what she’s been dying for.

It was clear that in her mind, she must have thought;

“If this dude is this good with the other things, then he must be a champ with the REAL deal”

But then, it wasn’t just happening…


Until one fateful day.

We had just closed from one of the Friday night’s vigil… we went straight to her house since she stays very close to the church.

Things started
heating up very heavily.

Passion over took us and we started touching, feeling, and exploring below the waist.

As usual, I stopped things abruptly before it got out of hand and took a walk to let them calm down.

That’s when Annabel got very upset; she scared the heck out of me.

While I was trying to calm her down, she grasped my dick to discover the most embarrassing part of my life…

It was small.

Smaller than her middle finger. Nothing to write home about.

I mean this girl was really upset, seriously.

She finally summoned courage and asked;

“Could this be the reason you’ve been avoiding doing it with me?”

Believe me, she barely finished saying this before broking down into tears.

Uncontrollably, I joined too.

What we did next was epic… it’s the reason I have a big dick today, and can last as long as I want whenever we get down.

She led me into something that totally changed my life for good forever.


Here’s exactly how we found the solution

After the revelation, everything became open.

While still sober, Annabel crawled into my hands, we cuddled deeply…

One thing led to the other, I pulled the plug on, and
fucked her for the very first time after 4months 22 days.

Did she enjoy it?


Disaster is the best word to describe the abysmal experience.

Apart from the fact that my ‘johnson’ was dangling up and forth inside her fresh honey pot, like a spoon in a tea cup… I barely lasted up to 1 minute before shooting.

I could see the unsatisfactory expression all over her faces.

My dick wasn’t enough.

Even if it was, I couldn’t last long enough to drive her into orgasm.

That’s what women hate most.

This I already know… we both now know!

I couldn’t go as deep as my fingers could to give her that stimulation and real fucking she yearns for and deserves.

After that disappointing short sex session, Annabel went out… I think to the balcony.

Initially, I thought she was making plans to crash our new relationship.

But no… she had gone to make a call to her colleague.

The same call that finally benefited me… and saved me from shame.

Her colleague had shared with her sometime ago how her bf battled with small dick wahala… and was able to overcome with the help of a powerful device.


Long story cut short…

She pointed Annabel to the Japanese site where they ordered the device for $105 (about N19,594).

Plus another N8,500 payment to the guy who helps buy the device from the Japanese site and send through DHL to us.

This simple, but powerful device helps enlarge the penis, and make it fatter in girth.

Without minding the high price, we got the device… I started using it and guess what?

I noticed a great gain in the size of my johnson… about 3 inches more in the first 2 short weeks of using it 🙂


The Only Regret About The Device Was That

We over paid for it!

We found out while trying to get same device for my friends who I shared my story with.

We later discovered another way to get the same device at 100% cheaper rate.

…and have even used the same method to get about 61 pieces of the same device for some of my friends and there friends who requested for it after hearing my story.

More on this new cheap way shortly…

With the small dick wahala solved, the only problem left was that of premature ejaculation – another disgracer!


I still couldn’t last more than 2 minutes during sex.

With the shame of people knowing about my condition totally going off my eyes… I remembered a medical doctor friend of mine; Dr. Ifeanyi who works with NNPC Medical Center Benin City.

He once introduced a solution to lasting long on bed he nicknamed “Premature Ejaculation Nightmare” to me. He wanted me to sell it to the big executives in our office.

He said the solution is been imported by his unit from USA, and been administered to top NNPC officials who have issues lasting long in bed.

It’s NAFDAC approved and has no side effect what so ever.

The only sad thing is that it’s not common in the market.

In rare cases you find it, then you should be ready to pay up to N25,000 for one bottle.

Mind you, he never knew I was been ravaged by premature ejaculation then.

He only told me about it so I could introduce it to my colleagues at work, especially those rich ogas.

He explained then that the solution rewires and renews the body system, then kills the foreign bodies responsible for making you ejaculate prematurely.

At the end, I opened up!

I told Dr. Ifeanyi my problems… and how I run into the device I already have.

He blamed me for keeping my problem from a very good friend like him, and gave a positive node to the device I already have.

He even confirmed that over 93% of those with the problem of small penis complained about premature ejaculation. Both go hand in hand.

So, I got a bottle of that “Premature Ejaculation Nightmare” solution from him.


The solution works 101%

You start seeing results immediately.

Read that again… I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y!

The first day I used it; I lasted for more than 26 minutes straight.

The “Premature Ejaculation Nightmare” solution like he calls it, works fine for me and for the few guys who had gotten it through me.

The funny thing is that almost all the guys complaining about small dick has PE issues too.

Combine the penis enlargement device with the “Premature Ejaculation Nightmare” and you’re ready to fire anything fireable.

… and kick bedroom embarrassments in the butts.

The truth is… this works!

Lots of guys are confirming the fact that their sex lives have been totally transformed.

In my work place… and around my house, I’m now known as the “Penis Doctor” LOL…


There was a problem!

The only issue people have with the 2 solutions is the high cost they pay when try to get them themselves.

If you’re lucky to find your way through the Japanese site and the frustrating payment method, you should be coughing out;

N28,094 (N19,594 + N8500) for the enlargement device, and
N25,000 for the “Premature Ejaculation Nightmare”

And if unluckily you happen to have the two issues (which is 85% likely), you should be coughing out over
N53,094 for both.

Of course, some people easily afford this.

Many are ready to pay ‘anything’ to get rid of these shame…especially those rich Ogas.


On the other hand…

Majority of those whom I share my story with, especially at work and in my church find it hard to afford.

… and wish they can get the solutions at a more favorable price…
the prefer something better!

The truth is; it quakes my heart each time I see anyone go through the same pains that nearly ruined my life because they can’t afford this solution that worked for me…

So, I came up with an arrangement to enable them take advantage of my connection to get the 2 solutions cheaper;

How to Get One or Both of the NAFDAC Approved 2-in-1 Solution… That Reverses Your Premature Ejaculation And Help You Last Up To 48 Minutes Each Time You Have Sex… Plus Increase Your Penis by 7-8 Inches Without Side Effects!

… then you’ll escape your woman always looking at you like this after sex

Mine used to look at me like that… but these 2 SIMPLE natural solutions worked for me… (and over 1,403 other guys)

You do not pay delivery fee to anywhere in Nigeria if you order today

There’s no need dragging this any further…

2-in-1 solution that has helped me, and many of my friends and enemies will work for you.

Remember, 100% FREE delivery to anywhere in Nigeria if you order today 

My ONLY concern right now is whether you you’ll be fast to grab one of the 31 available slots that are remaining from my last bulk order.

But… Once the
remaining 31 slots are all taken, and if this website and service must continue, then I’ll be left with no option than to increase the price to make some profit for my time and knowledge too.

More so, more and more Newspapers, online media and blogs are covering my epic discovery, leading more people to this website.

Thousands, if not millions of guys like you with the same issue are hitting this site daily, so I don’t know how long our present stock will last.

Here Are The 2-in-1 Solution I’m Talking About

The first one is
the no-side-effect enlargement device.

Here’s what it looks like:

The wonderful device that does the job for me… helped me increase the size of my dick from 3.9 inches to about 7.2 in less than 39 days.

It’s safe and used in more advanced countries – US, UK, Australia, Asia etc.

Getting only this device costs N12,000 flat.;

… but wait, there’s a better option.


The second solution is the “Premature Ejaculation (PE) Nightmare

N15,000 ONLY Per Bottle (60 capsules)

(Instead of N19,000 )


If you shoot within 5 minutes, suffer from weak erection, low libido, need multiple orgasms… then this is the last bus stop.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the issue for 100 years…

It kills it like ota pia pia… and will make sure it doesn’t ever return, ever… you begin to see result same day.

Just 4 capsules weekly… until you’re perfectly okay to your taste.

It produces instant results. It is also restorative in nature so that continuous use results in on going improvements in your ability to achieve erections unassisted.

As a matter of fact, to show you how so sure we are with this very one, if you don’t start seeing results in 24 hours,
we’ll refund your money.

Very hard to find, and if you’re lucky to find it anywhere, and it’s below
N15,000 per bottle we offer you… please, don’t buy; it could be fake and they know NOTHING about the best ways to go about it.

Mind you:

You do not use it every time you need to have sex, with 4 capsules weekly, you will be able to gain hard lasting erection whenever you desire to have sex no matter how frequent.

Now, I know you can’t wait to lay your hands on these GUARANTEED solutions…

Hence, I’m ready to further make it easier and cheaper for you; if not for anything, to show you that the solutions actually work and will work for you guaranteed.

So, if you order for the 2 solutions together, you pay only N20,000 instead of N27,000 (that’s a extra discount of N7,000)


However, if you’re getting just one of the 2, you pay the normal price.

N12,000 for the enlargement device, and
N15,000 for the ‘Premature Ejaculation Nightmare’

N20,000 for Both of them

You will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company. We call it ==> Pay on Delivery.

A. All Shipments are sent in discreet packaging without images or text that could suggest the contents. The shipping documents and invoice are discreet as well. 



 How To Order

Depending on the product that you are ordering for…

*If you are ordering for only “Libiron “… indicate the code Libiron  in your text message…

*If you are ordering for only “Enlargement pump”
indicate it
“Pump” in your text message…

*If you want to order for the 2 products together…
text “BOTH”…

Libiron  ONLY – N15,000
Pump ONLY –
Libiron + Pump(Combo)-

Here’s what to send to us…

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Phone Number (s)
3. Delivery Address
4. Product Code (Libiron ,pump, Combo)

Send This Information as a text message to 080-94408-649

NOTE: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you.

You will get a sms and call from us within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you.


Once you get a call from us to confirm your order details your product would be sent to our courier partner and should get to you within 2-5 working days.

If you have any question about this, Kindly Put a call Across to



That is all you have to do, you get your man-hood to the size you have always dreamt of, and last longer than you ever imagined.

Dont slack ,hence you might lose out.


~Peter Cy


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