Iyabo Ojo’s Photos,Profile,Age

Iyabo Ojo’s Photos,Profile,Age

By Niyi Tabiti: Iyabo Ojo is a Nigerian actress. She was born to a Yoruba father and ibo mother. She has acted in several  Yoruba movies and TV drama in English. She was introduced to the industry by Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola. That was when she starred in a movie called ‘Satanic’. She has her two children in 1999 and 2001 respectively. I know many of you would be wondering about Iyabo Ojo‘s age. Okay, she will be 40 this year. The actress was born on December 21, 1977.

Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo just opened a beauty shop,event management company and Abula (Amala) joint in Lekki Phase1. You can find the address and the phone numbers here.

Iyabo ‘technically’separated from her husband when she started her acting career. She promised to give marriage another chance again in one of her interviews.

Iyabo Ojo,Muka Ray Romance

Muka Ray and Iyabo allegedly dated for many years in the movie industry. However the ‘couple’ parted ways in 2014. Tade Asifat, the editor of Encomium Magazine reported that things have certainly fallen apart between hitherto close colleagues and business partners, Alhaji Mukadas Eyiwunmi, famously known as Muka Ray and pretty actress cum film maker, Iyabo Ojo and the centre is not likely to hold any soon.

An industry source disclosed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that the rancour started developing in the hitherto blossoming relationship between the two movie stars sometime in 2014, allegedly for reasons best known to both of them. However, the source said Muka Ray and Iyabo Ojo’s silent war became noticeable when they started avoiding each other at events and shunning each other’s events as well.

According to the source, the two Yoruba movie giants who have been many times linked romantically to each other are now many kilometres apart, living as day and night in the industry where they have once worked as business partners.

“One thing that’s obvious now is that Muka Ray and Iyabo Ojo are no longer together. No one can say specifically what actually happened between the two of them. But they are no longer on talking terms. I learnt Muka’s mother and few people in the industry who are close to both of them have tried to settle the rift to no avail.

“I learnt one of the reasons they parted ways was in 2014, when Iyabo Ojo was lucky to have enjoyed a robust financial support from one of her sponsors who bankrolled her movie projects and business with millions of naira. But during that period, Muka Ray was broke and needed support from Iyabo Ojo to complete his movie project. I learnt Iyabo Ojo turned him down and she had since been avoiding him. But shortly after, Muka Ray bounced back and was able to execute all his projects without collecting a kobo from Iyabo. Since then, Muka Ray has called it quits with her.

“If you notice, they don’t attend each other’s events again. Muka Ray wasn’t at the opening of Iyabo Ojo’s Fespris which held around July 2014. He was also absent at her birthday and movie premiere which held in December same year. And other events that Iyabo Ojo staged in recent times. So also Iyabo Ojo has not been attending Muka Ray’s events. Even when Muka launched one of his hit movies in 2014, Isiaka Kogberegbe at LTV 8, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, Iyabo Ojo was conspicuously absent and she was in the country. I leant Muka is now so bitter that he has started regretting bringing Iyabo to limelight.

“And one thing is that they have both been managing the situation. They don’t want the public to know what’s happening between the two of them. But one thing that’s sure is that they’re no longer featuring in each other’s movies unlike before when Iyabo Ojo always starred in Muka Ray’s movies and any other movie from Ray’s family.

“But if you ask them, they won’t tell you the truth. They will pretend that all is well but those of us in the industry understand they’re no longer in good terms.”

When ENCOMIUM Weekly got across to Muka Ray on the tale on Friday, January 22, 2016, he reacted, “There is a lot behind this, but I don’t want to comment on it for now. But in all, I thank God I am doing fine on my own and Iyabo Ojo is also doing fine on her own.”

Probed further on why Iyabo Ojo was not featured in his latest movie which will be released in March this year, he said, “There is nothing to say about that. It’s not compulsory she features in my movie or I feature in hers as well. Or have you seen me in any of her new movie recently? So, just like I said, I thank God I am doing fine and she is also doing fine on her own. I thank God for that.

“I am moving forward in my career and business. I don’t have any reason to complain. Very soon, I will open my hotel in Ikorodu, Lagos. That same day, we will be celebrating our mother’s 75th birthday and 50 years on stage. That’s March 18, 2016. And the event will hold at Anchor Event Place, Ikeja, Lagos, with K1 De Ultimate on the band stand. Also, by April 19, my birthday, I will be releasing my two new movies, Egun Eja and Eye Service. So, am I not moving forward?”

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s effort to get Iyabo Ojo’s reaction on the tale when she was contacted on Friday, January 22, 2016, didn’t materialize. We later sent her a text which she replied, “Since I don’t have any issue with him, I have nothing to tell. But since he said there’s an issue, please, you can go back to him and ask what the issue is.”

But when we got back to Muka Ray on Sunday, January 24, 2016, for further reaction on the issue, he declined any further comment.

“I have told you, I won’t say anything further on that.”

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