Olakunle Churchill’s father was Obasanjo’s Gardner-Tonto Dikeh

Olakunle Churchill’s father was Obasanjo’s Gardner-Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh has dropped another one about her estranged husband,Olakunle Churchill.According Tonto, Churchill’s father was Obasanjo’s gardner,contrary to earlier reports that he was the ex-president’s father nephew or son. However, this did not go down well with most people who posted comments on Nairaland.

So, what is the big deal if his father was a Gardner? some of them queried. Hell hath no fury for a Tonto scorned……….. was how another described Tonto’s current state of mind.

This one cracked me up. “He was a Gardner and him still rich like that?
Abeg who knows how I can send my cv to OBJ, I need to be his errand boy. ..”

So your son’s grandfather was a gardener?

Another one:This woman will not rest until she has caused Churchill to fall. Such is the attitude of a wicked woman. Even if his father was a beggar he has changed the course of history. Tonto should grow up. I am convinced Tonto was the violent one.

National association of poor father, rich father are coming for Tonto Dikeh.Lol

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