Senator Misau And The ‘Deteriorating’ Sense Of Reasoning

By Abdullahi Danbaba

It seems the sense of reasoning of the Senator representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District, Isa Misau, is fast deteriorating, hence, needs the help of  psychiatric doctors to examine it.

This is sequel to the way Senator Misau is behaving in a rather strange manner in recent times.

Senator Misau, many believe is having a mental issue because, it is only an insane person that can talk recklessly and raise series of unsubstantiated allegations without thinking of the implication of his actions.

Few months ago, Senator Misau raised weighty allegations against the Nigeria Police Force, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, and the Police Service Commissioner alleging that they are corrupt.

He accused the police of collecting billions of naira from the multinational companies and that the IGP collects millions of naira from senior police officers before posting them. He was called upon to provide evidence for the allegations, up till date he has not.

In fact, the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), has dragged him to the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja and filed two separate sets of charges against him, of spreading injurious falsehood and defamation of character against the IGP. The case is still in court.

Ordinarily, being dragged to court for raising frivolous and unsubstantiated allegations without any iota of proof is enough for a person with the right sense of reasoning to be remorseful and retrace his steps. But that is not so with Senator Misau.

Again, on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, while appearing before the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on investigation of various allegations leveled against the Police, the IGP and the Police Service Commission, instead of concentrating on defending himself and providing proof(s) on the previous allegations,  Senator Misau further raised other allegations.

This time around, Misau alleged that  IGP Idris donated two Sports Utility Vehicles, SUVs to the First Lady, Aisha Buhari for her personal use.

Haba Misau! What will the wife of the president do with two cars? This has therefore brought to the fore the suspicion by many Nigerians that all the previous allegations that Misau has raised against the IGP, the Nigeria Police Force and the Police Service Commissioner were targeted at President Muhammadu Buhari.

For alleging that the IGP gave two cars to the wife of the president, it means in the days ahead, Misau will also raise other new set of frivolous allegations that touch at the president as a person, since he (the president)  seems to be his primary target.

However, the police has described the allegations as malicious, complete falsehood and with evil intent.

They explained that the Nigeria Police Force has not at any time given cars to the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari.

Also still before the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on investigation of various allegations levelled against the Police, the Inspector General of Police and the Police Service Commission, Misau also alleged that the IGP recentlymanipulated his retirement age, rather, the Police Force said it only drew the attention of Police Service Commission about some errors on the current staff list of senior police officers, whereby the date of birth of the IGP was incorrectly stated as 3/01/1959 instead of the actual date 15/01/1959.

There is no doubt, these series of unsubstantiated allegations are aimed at distracting the IGP and  the entire Nigeria Police Force from performing its constitutional functions of protecting lives and property in the country.

It is therefore necessary for Nigerians to see to the writing clearly on the wall, that Misau is a masquerade dancing the drums of some paymasters, and he evidently has contempt for other people’s wives. The paymaster clearly have an agenda with the ultimate aim of distorting and destroying the reputation of credible people that are powering and executing the CHANGE AGENDA of PMB. It is not out of place to say that the whole shenanigans are being engineered to thwart the second term ambition of PMB, come 2019.

In fact, some keen observers of the situation alleged that some top officers of the Senate are fully behind Senator Misau in an effort to ensure that the President Buhari –led government is portrayed and seen by Nigerians as performing below expectation.

One is forced to take such speculations seriously because, since the beginning of these allegations which have not been substantiated, the Senate and its leadership have not, for once, cautioned Misau for raising them.

Nigerians should therefore watch closely as it seems, some powerful figures are playing the drums in the bush, while Misau is the one dancing in the public.

One therefore wonders why Misau, who by virtue of his office as a senator, ought to be matured, will give himself to be used to impede the progress the President Buhari-led government and the police institution that nurtured him to this level.

It is therefore, pertinent to reiterated here that psychiatric doctors need to quickly intercept and keep Senator Misau under close watch, for examination on mental psychosis. This is important because, since, it seems, his senses are fast deteriorating, only God knows who may be his next target and how he will go about it.

It is also important to advice journalists covering the National Assembly to be mindful of the way and manner Senator Misau talks. They should concentrate on issues that will edify and bring development to Nigeria, rather than focusing on reporting the insanity of Senator Misau.

They should as well show some sense of maturity and professionalism in their reportage, owing to the fact that they are the mirror of the society. They should make it a point of duty to balance their stories before going to the press.

Indeed, Senator Misau is fast losing his sense of reasoning and his insanity seems to be increasing by the day, hence, the need for all Nigerians to ignore him and place him where he properly belongs to –  the gutter.

– Abdullahi Danbaba, a public affairs analyst writes from Kaduna.

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