Unpaid N10m Salary: Minister Debunks Aide’s Claim

By Adebayo Waheed, Ibadan
The minister of Communications, Barr Adebayo Shittu yesterday debunked claim by his former Personal Assistant, Razak Olubudun, that he was being owed 23 months’ salaries.
The minister’s Media Adviser, Tajudeen Kareem in a statement described Olubodun’s claim as null and void.

Olubudun who has resigned his appointment as an aide of the minister claimed that he was owed N10 million as unpaid salary and entitlements.

But in a statement made available to LEADERSHIP, the minister who confirmed his aide’s resignation, said he had left his duty post six months ago noting “Olubodun’s legal entitlement before resignation at the end of October, 2017 is N970,983.33.

“Records at the minister’s office shows that he was paid a cumulative sum of N1.5 million as salary.

“The claimed that he is been owed 23 months accumulated salary is null and void even though he has since abandoned his work six months ago.

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