Amal Mabruuk, new charity foundation debuts

•Focuses on health, education, welfare

A NEW Islamic faith-based organization -Amal Mabruuk Foundation that seeks to uplift the wellbeing of the less privileged in Nigeria has been launched by a group of Muslim professionals. The Foundation was unveiled at a press briefing held in Lagos recently.

Speaking at the launch, the Chairman of the foundation, Alhaji Abdul-Jaleel Olori-Aje stated that Amal Mabruuk, an Islamic faith based foundation, would be catering for the less privileged in the society regardless of their religion, race or tribe by focusing on three major core areas: health care, education, and general welfare.

Impact of the infrastructure

According to him, “the foundation  requires every willing Muslim to make a monthly donation of N1,000 ($3) to support the less- privileged in our society.

He noted that the foundation is pivoted on Sadaqah (charity), which is enjoined by Allah on all Muslims and can be found in the Holy Quran Chapter 2 Verse 110: “ And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity and whatever you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah; For Allah sees well all that you do.”

He said: “Take for instance, if 2million Muslims can contribute N1,000, this would translate to N2billion. You can then imagine the impact of the infrastructure or intervention provided by that kind of funds. You can be sure that there would be an improvement in the welfare of the poor. Such resources would be available to build medical centres, educational/vocational centres and uplift the general wellbeing of the needy among others. Once we are able to do that, it means we have fulfilled part of our Deen as Muslims,” he said. Also speaking at the launch, the Executive Secretary of the foundation, Dr. JubrilSalaudeen, noted that the concept of the foundation was borne out of the need for Muslims to come together and give as little as N1,000 which translates to a lot of money given the huge population the Muslim community commands in Nigeria.

He added that with such support, he was convinced that the aggregate resources would be used to positively affect lives of the less privileged.

“We believe that the solution to the problems in our society today lies with how we all work together to redistribute the resources that Allah has blessed us with to better the lots of the less privileged in our society, not minding their religious affiliation,” he noted.

Responding on the channels available to contribute to the cause, Salaudeen said interested individuals can donate by logging on to the foundation’s website ( also added that the foundation has appointed the services of a reputable audit firm, Ahmad Zakari& Co as auditors to ensure probity. He said “all you need do is to log on to our website, fill the necessary details and donate”

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