Confronting Your Attitude

By janet Adetu

Maya Angelo left a living legacy behind in her powerful words of wisdom. My favourite of Maya is the popular quote that says;-

“If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it then change your attitude”

The kind of attitude you give off has a direct implication on the success levels. Your attitude can impact your career and the life style you live. In other words, you have a choice to either let the problem deal with you or you deal with the problem. Your attitude can push heights you had no knowledge you could achieve. It can also limit every chance of making it in life. The current economic climate as harsh as it is, has become a clear case of your attitude and how you decide to confront it. You may choose to join the thousands who have nothing good to say except everything negative an remain unchangeable or use this as an opportunity to think out of the box and start something entirely new. Think about it like this, your once upon a time comfort zone has now become uncomfortable. What are you going to do about it? To adjust where you are now to where you want to be has nothing to do with money or power it has simply everything to do with adjusting your attitude. This can be awkward, painful and easily resisted, the truth once again as we see in a challenging economy like we facing today you cannot move forward without reflecting on the way forward, embarking on the journey of reality checks, identifying the opportunities and embracing them.

Time to confront your attitude and test your various levels of gratitude. You can do this with the relationships you build around you. You must be in control of your own destiny and take charge of your life.


What actually brings about the good and the bad or the ugly types of attitude?

Could be your upbringing, your geographical location, your mental frame of mind, your mood depending on which side of the bed you woke up from, is that choice you made on how you have decided to live your life.

Just imagine you get to a place and there is a long queue before you can pay, purchase a ticket or even make an enquiry. Or you are so hungry and the queue for food looks endless. You have a choice to be ignorant and reluctant to queue up, you decide to jump the queue and regardless of anybody around you find yourself right at the top of the queue. That is a great test of your very rude attitude as you will be deemed carefree, irresponsible, nonchalant, negative and selfish all signifying instant image killers.

As you step out of your house you have two choices the first is to allow your bad attitude get the best of you or nurture your good attitude and get the best out of your day. To get the most out of your aptitude is hard, you are constantly stressed, overworked, overly worried, frustrated and depressed. It takes guts and will power to look on the brighter side of life and be more optimistic than pessimistic. If you decide to take the route that starts the day off with a bad attitude, then you choose to feul that bad attitude, your situation will only get worse as almost everything will begin to irritate you as you become a nuisance to yourself. The ripple effect is obvious, you would have raised your blood pressure, become totally unproductive for the day. You will then become unapproachable, moody, unpredictable and ultimately forfeit any opportunities that could come your way for that period.

On the other hand, if you think affirmatively and purposely overlook certain situations thereby exhibiting a positive attitude, you can move on and hope for an even brighter day against all odds. Attitude is indeed everything.

Could your attitude do with a change “today”?


  • Start your day with an attitude of respect, courtesy and kindness
  • Keep your problems discreetly and tell only a few if you must.
  • Criticize and complain less, praise and congratulate more
  • Make others feel important and appreciated they will do the same to you
  • Walk the walk and talk the talk with the proper conduct and mindset
  • Remember you are being watched lead by good example
  • Learn from your mistakes don’t massage them
  • Have the right attitude towards others so they will have the right attitude towards you
  • Share your visions, dream and goals with people who will motivate you not demotivate. Try t0 turn an almost bad situation into a good one.
  • Think big, Act big, Succeed big
  • Fill your air with optimism, energy and gratitude. Goodluck!


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