Consumer Watch: A place that makes you plan ahead

Items                      Prices

Basket of Tomatoes                        N15,500 – N25,000

A bag of Pepper  (Rodo)                               N 10,000 – N18,000

A bag of Long pepper                     N6, 500 – N7000

A bag of Onions (white)                N25, 000 – N35, 000

A bag of Onions (Red)                                    N20, 000- N26, 000

50kg of long grain Rice                   N15,000

A derica of long grain Rice            N250

50kg of short grain Rice.                 N15,000 – N15,500

A derica of short grain Rice          N260

A crate of eggs                                  N1,100 – 1,200

A bag of Olotu beans                      N60,000

A bag of Oloyin                      N70,000

A bag of Yam Flour (Elubo)           N45, 000- N65,000

A bag of Garri (Yellow)                                   N8,000

A paint bucket                                   N700

A bag of Ijebu Gari                          N6000 –   N7000

A paint bucket                                   N500

25 Litres of Vegetable Oil                              N30, 500

10Litres                                                                N6, 500-N 7000

25 Litres of Palm Oil                         N15,000

5Litres of Palm Oil                            N2,200

Salt                                                         N80-N150

Noodles- 70g                                     N1500- N1800

Spaghetti (1packet)                        N190-N200

Macaroni(1packet)                          N120

Semovita (10kg)                                               N2,800- N2,900

Pampers (cartons of 8)                  N3, 400

Seasonings                                         N110 – N500

Tomatoe paste (2,200g)                                N1200-N1500

Tomatoe paste (Medium)                            N550-N700

Tomato paste(small)                      N150-N350

Tomato sachet (a roll)                    N250 –N300

Pack of toilet roll (48pieces)        N1800-N2, 300

A Satchet of milk                                              N30-N50

A Sachet of beverage                     N45-N50

Toothpaste                                         N270-N300

5 Litres of Kerosine                         N1,200

12.5kg. Cooking gas                         N4, 500

Yam (1 tuber).                                   N400- N800

Ugu Leaf (a bundle)                        N3, 500 – N4, 000

A dozen of tied Ugu Leaf                            N1,800,

Moin-Moin Leaf (a dozen)           N800, 1 pack- N100

Carton Titus ice Fish                        N19,000

1 Carton of Kote ice fish                                N16,200

1 Carton of Sawa iced Fish            N10, 000, 1Kg-N600

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