Dining table is for meal, not a dumping ground

The biggest enemy of a clean dining room is the everyday clutter that tends to take over the space. Everything gravitates there like books, paper, purse, jacket, beverage, gadgets, thereby turning it indirectly to a dumping ground.

Classical Dinning Table

Having a dining table in many homes today, is a matter of wanting to fulfil all righteousness, that is, having complete furniture. No one eats on the table. Everyone just finds a place to sit to eat because the parents too come home late and sit to watch television. It is there they (parents) are served their meal. In such homes, the purpose of dining table is defeated and goes on like that because the children are not trained to get used to it.

The day I changed my mind to begin to use the dining table was when there was a women’s meeting in the church and we were taught that cooking food without good presentation lacks excellence. No matter what effort you put into getting a delicious meal for the family, if the meal is not presented in an attractive manner, it will lose its value. You don’t serve people by placing the plates in their hands to find somewhere to eat. You are a king in your home.

As Homemakers, you should see yourself as privileged and not just when you go out. What you see in hotel restaurants and movies, where dining tables are decorated with flowers or artificial fruits, is just a pointer to everyone what the dining table should be. Such can be replicated in your homes.

It is not only when you go out that you see yourself as privileged. Your home is a privileged place that must be handled with all sense of responsibility, no matter how small the space is. Do not wait till you have visitors before you use the dining. You are special and that is how you should live everyday.

How to make the dining table function:

Live by example. Do not make the mistake of eating outside the dining table. If you do it once, your children will copy you and, trust me, they have ready-made excuses because they have seen somebody do it.

Make a separate place to hang your bags, books, children’s school bags, jackets, etc. Hang hooks for suits and bags near your main entrance so these items don’t end up on the table.

If you have a small space and the children must do their homework there, it must be packed immediately before meal and ensure it is cleaned and set for lunch or dinner.

Ensure you have table cloth in different colours that you can change to make eating enticing.

Set the table as the first step of meal preparation. If you don’t plan to use the table while you’re making the meal, set it with plates, cups, cutlery, etc as your first meal preparation step. This way, when housemates or visitors come through the dining room, they won’t deposit items not related to the meal on the table.

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