Experts advise Nigerian food manufacturers on management


Food manufacturers  have been advised to focus on the growth of  business by monitoring its annual growth rather than focusing on fortification only. This advise was given during the TechnoServe day, in commemoration of the 41st  conference of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Professor Olugbenga Ogunmoyela, Senior Programme Advisor, SAPFF, TechnoServe, representing Eviano Useh, partners in food solution, Minnesota, USA, said, “Many of us have heard about high quality management as a concept; doing things right all the time, having a consistent approach that produces results always.

When you talk about maintenance, TKN produces results in terms of bringing costs down. In the US, for instance, industries at some point were encouraged to look at the health matrix. The concept of holistic management rose from the concept of health matrix, which was a program initiative of general mills. It is very much in sync and can be adopted as a beneficial compliment of the current fortification initiative.”

Ogunmoyela further stated: “Strengthening African Processors of Fortified Foods (SAPFF) is focused on growth and business competitiveness to industry partners in the ongoing fortification journey, which will be of great benefit.

The mills made a public commitment to improve the health profile of its products beginning with the US retail segment, and retail businesses were encouraged in the process, to develop, renovate and acquire products that will deliver improved the nutrition proffered. The improvement recorded were tracked and quantified using the health matrix which was created by the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, an institute in general mills.

They found out that products were classified on the basis of the kind of benefits that were related to nutrition. And products qualified for the health matrix via: Does it give an increase in positive nutrition? How does it deal with respect to limiting nutrients?

Does it enhance positive nutrition? These were some of the things that were indicators of the health matrix and once these guides were developed, products were tracked along these lines.”

“There is a way you can focus on the holistic growth of a business by monitoring its annual growth rather than just focusing on just fortification and saying we are losing money because we are fortifying. What are the areas of your operation that you can focus on to increase your profitability?

Once you have a goal and a purpose, you can improve your bottom line. Your goals are the strategies, priorities and values that you are going to derive while your purpose is how you can improve your bottom line, Ogunmoyela said.

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