FG Flags Off Fight Against Fake Seeds In Northern Nigeria


Minister for Agriculture, and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh has launched the fight against the sales and circulation of fake seedlings to farmers in Northern Nigeria.

The minister, who conducted the inauguration and training workshop for officer assigned to the three Northern geographical(West, East and Central) parts of Nigeria, are empowered to survey and apprehend merchants of fake seeds, at the ceremony held in Kano, he said the Federal Government through the National Agriculture Seed Council, NASC is committed towards protecting farmers by getting rid of fake seedlings.

The training and designation of seeds inspectors to the three geographical Northern regions is a warning to fake and adulterated seed dealers, Audu Ogbeh stated.

He warned that, the seed inspectors from the National Agriculture Seed Council, NASC will conduct market surveillance and effect arrest of unscrupulous seed merchants in the regions.

“It can no longer be business as usual.” Audu Ogbeh said.

The Director General, National Agriculture Seed Council, NASC, Dr P O. Ojo disclosed that, a nationwide surveillance is been mounted to compel stakeholders in the seed industry to comply with the provisions of the act regulating the seedling industry.

He cautioned that, individuals, organizations and agencies, who indulge in violating seed laws, and defy the seed act will be arrested and prosecuted.

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