Look good to usher in the new season

THERE is no doubt that there is joy in work than in idleness. Every Homemaker should work not only to earn money but to also have a sense of fulfillment. But some women work so much that they hardly have the time to take care of themselves. No matter how beautiful you are, if you don’t maintain your beauty, it may place you where you least expect.

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The truth is that women experience sexual changes with age which is commonly known as menopause and it happens mostly around the age of 50. This is when a woman stops menstruating and the ovaries stop producing the hormone estrogen. That is why the beauty industry targets women more with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, pro-youth creams and serums due to societal pressures to stay young.

With this natural experience which no woman can escape, every woman should care about how she looks if she wants to realize a comfortable level of success and self-sufficiency. Quite a bit of research has tried to determine how many seconds it takes before a person forms a judgment of someone they meet. Their brains calculate your value in terms of age, social standing and how approachable you are within thirty seconds or less.

Have you noticed that it is the day you decide to go out casually that you meet someone you have not seen for a very long time? It teaches everyone to ever remain beautiful and neatly dressed whether at home or outside.

With the trend of hair extension out there, no woman has the excuse of not looking good all the time. It has been made easy too if you love to wear braids. This week, one of the way you can enhance your beauty to make yourself happy and to usher in the new season is to get some hair extension if you don’t really have the time to sit every week to make your hair.

I am not advocating for women to leave their hair undone because if you continue to wear wig for a long time, without paying attention to make your hair, the stench that will come out will be embarrassing. I am only saying that as Homemakers, as you think of how to make everything comfortable for your family, present yourself, too, as an attractive, updated, professional image that represents how you want the world to judge you. But face it, when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. So, look good to usher in the new season.

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