Searching for love?

Networking/ Sponsorship
•Charles employed, needs a wealthy lady, for partnership in a business.08039713893
•Bimbo 26, a single mother, a student and also a fashion designer, needs someone who can help her. 08145933205, 07017864275
•Emeka from Imo State, needs someone to help him financially with N 65,000, to enable him pay his School fees.08104758958
•Henry from Enugu State, a graduate and an MSC holder in psychology , needs a job. 08138386241,08033814197
•Ambrose from Ughelli, needs a lady who can help him with N800, 000, that he can add to boost his business. 08160048726, 08159904930
•Blessing 24, from Uga Anambra State, but resides in Enugu, got a good score in JAMB, needs a good spirited Nigerian to sponsor her for a 2 year training programme, which the agreement fee is N20,000, act no 002527983,09075317345

Searching Male
•Jude 30, tall, dark in complexion and shy, needs a caring,loving, and understanding female friend, aged 19-40, that resides, in VI, Lekki, Ajah.08079179466, 07032292819,2BCF9FF2
•Chris needs a beautiful female friend to hang out with. 08066303438
•Henry 30, a good looking guy, running a program, needs a matured well to do and caring female, friend, in South South, Delta PH, Bayelsa, Aba, Edo. 08127960822
•Frank 30, tall, dark in complexion, a graduate, fun loving and resides in Abuja, needs a female of like mind for a fun filled friendship. 08117536433, 08117536133
•David from Delta State needs a female friend who is caring, aged 19-32. 07052577657

Searching Female
•Chiomadiebele 32, average height and resides in Port-Harcourt, a lover of Christ, cherish romance and true love ,very busty and sexy, needs a God fearing man, who must be a Catholic , caring and kind hearted for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, aged 37- 54. 07038352556
•Abigail 27, needs a caring and romantic man, aged 40 and above.08091901962
•Rolake 34, resides in Abuja, needs a nice,Godfearing. 08184384600,08106685905
•Tola 31, self employed and resides in Ogun State, needs a responsible, and matured man, aged 34-42, for a serious relationship.09058905286

Searching Male
•Anthony a Christian, from Delta State, friendly and accommodating, needs a lady, aged 24-28, for a relationship, that will lead to marriage, Email tmel7412@gmailcom. 07031333507
•Olasunkanmi 40, employed and resides in Lagos, needs a God fearing and employed lady, for a serious relationship.09069470397

•Olaitan 46, a Muslim, needs a practising Muslim lady, aged30-35, for a relationship. 08032712951
•Stan 38, handsome, educated and good in bed, needs a fat or slim, lady who is caring and supportive, aged 48-55, for a relationship.08068553322

•Nathson 31, fair in complexion and resides in Abuja, needs a lady, aged 25-35, for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.07037295334
•Chijoka resides in Lagos, needs a lady, aged 18-30, who is employed and ready to for a relationship, in Lagos. 09070534630,07037842149
•Abdul 29 a graduate, from Edo State, but resides in Abuja, needs a beautiful, muslin lady, for marriage.08184472349
•Bolaji 28, good looking and employed,needs a God fearing lady, aged 20-26, who is good looking and a Muslim, for a relationship that will lead to marriage.08059483941, 08063955625
•Ben45, employed and resides in Port Harcourt, needs a fair in complexion, slim, busty, cool and calm lady, who good in sex and romance as a mistress. 08188096669,08033448697

•Kenneth resides in Ikeja Lagos, needs a lady, aged 20-30, for a serious relationship.07032713281
•Freedom from Aba, but resides in Abia State, needs a lady, for a relationship.07034689602
•Victor resides in Lagos, needs a lady, aged 18-28, for a serious relationship.08122672132
•Adeshina 40,employed and resides in Lagos, needs a God fearing and employed lady, for a serious relationship. 09069470397,08163683578
•Frank 29, from Delta State, needs a lady, aged 18-35, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage.08148187365, 08188260705
•Philip 31, needs an employed nurse that is ready to settle down for marriage. 08062635558, 08098495345
•Vincent 30,6ft tall, fair in complexion, from Delta State, but resides in Ibadan, needs an employed lady, within Ibadan, Lagos, aged 30-45, for a serious relationship. 08022138079
•Kunle a graduate, an, electrical engineer by profession, needs a God fearing lady, for a serious relationship. 08069700759
•Michael 27, dark in complexion genotype AA, blood group 0,a graduate, employed and resides, in Lagos, needs a matured, rich lady, for a relationship that can lead to marriage, aged 30 and above.07018333233,07038766462
•Gabby 27,handsome, easy going, an upcoming actor, gentle, an introvert-extrovert and resides in Abuja, needs a beautiful, educated and employed lady.09023888009
•Stanley from Delta State, needs a tall, dark in complexion, Christian lady, for a serious relationship, that can lead to marriage. 08031996062

Sugar Cares
Searching Male
•Ben from Imo State, needs a sugar mummy who resides in Imo for a good relationship. 08096097356
•Martins 35 needs a caring, loving and romantic sugar mummy, aged 35-55, who resides in Lagos, Emailmartins4love2017¡gmailcom. 08086868459
•Robinson, 46, in Abuja, needs a loving, sexy and caring sugar mummy, aged 40 and above, for a relationship. 09027543186,08036878561
•Stephen, 30, resides in Kaduna, needs a matured, beautiful and rich sugar mummy, for connection and intimate relationship. 08151848258,07037714281

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