2019: Inter-Religious Group Declare Support For Good News Nigeria


As he clock continues to tick towards  the 2019 general elections, a group, Christian – Muslim Peace, Unity and Development Initiative of Nigeria (CM – PIN) has thrown its weight behind the Good News Nigeria movement , geared specifically at ensuring that only credible persons get elected into positions of leadership.

The Non- governmental organisation which is also non – tribal, non religious, non ethnic and non sectional/ regional has been working to support and encourage good governance through advocacy and social mobilisation in Nigeria.

The group also works  towards enhancing and encouraging peaceful attitude of the citizenry in gaining good governance, shunning money politics, bribery social and moral corruption.

The group in a statement issued by  its Executive Director-CM-PIN Haruna Obed said, “In line with our objective for good governance, we are supporting Good News Nigeria (GNN) Movement in their work to curb out money politics and ensure good governance in Nigeria.

According to the statement, “As Nigerians our destiny and survival is in our hands, the earlier we wake up to this responsibility by taking a stand against nepotism, selfishness, self- will, regionalism, tribalism and religious untruthfulness, Nigeria will be back to her glory days where things worked and were for everyone.

“Our support for Good News Nigeria (GNN) project is a good development and we are in full support and are keying into their agenda”. It added.

According to the group, “to all people of goodwill, it has become worthy of note and to commend the fore-sight of Good News Nigeria and their selfless leader Engr. Dauda John for creating this movement even though focused on one direction, but is worthy to start somewhere, we salute their courage and commitments.

The statement stated that “In our organisation’s point of view our dear country Nigeria has had more than enough of political bigotry/money bag politicians who always feel it is their money versus the money being that of the people of Nigeria .

“As 2019 is fast approaching we must come together to champion a course that will salvage the country from the cabals, political uncertainty, corruption, God-fatherism’ and power imposition by an old generation of ungrateful humans in the political arena of this country.”

The statement added that, “As we all come together men and women of good will, young and old with clean and sincer hearts , setting out a clear agenda with one mind, one objective and determination to bring out that one person who can be a bridge across the divides of politics, social, religious, economic, tribal, regional and other differences among Nigerians.

It read partly, “We must for once present or have a consensus without sentiment, self will and self seeking attitudes. As 2019 is right around the corner, the time for action is now. We must not be complacent in our actions or in action. We must be ready to sacrifice ourselves for the future to be bright.

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