Commuters Stranded, As Fuel Scarcity Hits Ibadan

By Adebayo Waheed, Ibadan –
Commuters were yesterday stranded at various bus stops as fuel scarcity hit Ibadan, Oyo State.
Many commuters have to resort to trekking to their various destinations after a long wait at the bus stops for buses.
Also, some of the commercial bus operators who operate along various routes in the state capital have arbitrarily increased their transport fare by 100 per cent.
There were long queues at filling stations visited in Ibadan metropolis.
Our correspondent who moved round the city discovered that many filling stations were selling between N160 and N170 only few sells between N145 and N150.
Many filling stations refused to sell while the few one selling sell above pump price.
Scarcity of fuel during festive period seems to have been a tradition in country as commercial drivers and private car owners usually queue for hours at station for fuel.
Although some of the marketer declined comment on the development but one of them who spoke on condition of anonymity said “we sell what we buy”.
This development has led to emergence of black marketers who sold 4 liters of fuel for N800
The inter- state commuters were not spared from the agony of the fuel scarcity as some of them travelling for the Yuletide have to pay more.
The overall effect of the fuel scarcity was that passengers have to pay above the regular transport fare while those who could not afford it resort to trekking.
Although the PENGASSAN have suspended their strike and Federal Government promise that the scarcity will end by Saturday but there seems to be no end in sight soon.

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