Electricity: Firm seeks to end crisis through bamboo revolution

By Ediri Ejoh

In a step forward against current power crisis bedevilling the country, Suxe International Ltd has pledged to end the crisis through the conversion of power from bamboo.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with  Vanguard, the Chief Executive Officer, Trevor David Smith, said the bamboo revolution is a step towards ensuring a light up Nigeria and providing job opportunity for the people.

He stated: “We intend to generate power from bamboo and sell to the Nigeria people at a cheaper rate. We intend to uplift the country and the communities away from current power crisis. We intend establishing 40 power stations in Nigeria.

“We intend having all workforce Nigerians and just the manager coming from my company. As it worth, we are going to train Nigerians and make sure they are equipped to be able to run the system after five years of our installation and practice.”

Asked why investing in Nigeria, Smith explained: “We brought the solution to Nigeria as the first in Africa. Power stations are not working on renewable energy and grid system. What we are waiting for is to carry out a test with the bamboo which would show independence in power generation away from oil, gas or coal.”

He added that the company was not calling for financial support other than the land and the people to work.

“We are to begin by January 2018. All that is needed is to get the land. Nigeria is our target for the project. From the bamboo we would grow, power would be generate from them,” he added.

Speaking on issues confronting the power sector in the country, Smith noted: “There are two issues hampering the development of power in Nigeria. The first is corruption which has been identified and is been tackled by the government, while the second is the power industry system.

“The biggest fault in the power sector is trying to make a national grid. This is the fault of the designers. We usually put power stations where there is fuel which is not the best.’






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