Fuel Scarcity: DPR Seals 8 Kaduna Erring Filling Stations

By MSUE AZA, Kaduna

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has sealed eight petrol stations in Kaduna over hoarding of the product and tampering with dispensing fuel pumps.

Briefing journalists after the monitoring of fueling stations sale situation in Kaduna,the Acting Zonal Operations Controller Kaduna, Engr.Yahaya Maishera,said the fuel scarcity being experienced across the country was due to panic purchase and hoarding of fuel by some of the marketers.

Maishera, who is also deputy Manager and Head Downstream went on a monitoring tour with the media visited some stations Nipco, Kawo, Sul, B and S Bulasawa along Zaria road and Mobil Lugard round about among others.

Maishera said:”The common observations were hoarding and pump under dispensing. Stations found hoarding were forced to open for sale and the ones under dispensing were forced to repair or adjust accordingly.”

“We went out this morning to appraise the fuel situation within the metropolis. We realized that many were selling but hoarding was a major issue. The pump integrity was tampered with. We sealed the station. We discovered that panic purchase and recycle buying of the product by Keke NAPED riders and some motorists caused of the fuel scarcity”

He warned marketers to abide by the rules and regulations guiding product supply and sales, adding that any marketer caught in practices that are in violations of regulations would be sanctioned appropriately.

He advised consumers to conduct themselves in an orderly and peaceful manner.

Maishera, also solicited for public cooperation especially in giving information that will assist DPR to serve the public better. ENDs


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