Group restates request for state creation

By Anayo Okoli

UMUAHIA—THE National Association of States Movement, NASM, an umbrella body of people demanding the creation of additional states, has called on the Federal Government to hearken to the genuine request of Nigerians for new states.

According to the group, no argument against states creation would quench their quest for more states.

The group’s position was contained in a seven points communiqué signed by their national chairman, Elder Dr E. O Adaelu, the national vice chairman, Alh. Habibu Mohammed Gwarzo, the national secretary, Mr. Gbenga Omiwole, and the national director of publicity/ enlightenment, Mr. Godfrey Akara, after their meeting in Umuahia, Abia State.

The group said the creation of more states will certainly guarantee more employment/empowerment of the people who have been neglected for many years.

According to the communiqué, “creation of additional states in Nigeria remains one of the greatest wishes of Nigerians and other people of goodwill who desire with genuine and verifiable data, the status of statehood for their areas.

“The National Association of State Movement hereby unequivocally states that refusal to heed to this progressive desire of Nigerians, as it appears now is undemocratic.”

“NASM cannot continue to tolerate the deliberate silence of the current power that be, on this burning issue, that satisfies the yearning desire for liberation and emancipation of the agitators-

“There is no argument against State creation that will satisfy the wishes of the people, except to give them states of their own, it’s clear   to all Nigerians that state creation is for even development, greater number of Nigerians have watched with great shock, the lopsided development partner in the country, which tends to develop some areas at the expense of others”.


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