HoS Holds Workshop For Departmental Training Officers

By Bidon Mibzar, Abuja

In order to develop a robust human resource capacity in the federal civil service, the Office of the head of the Civil Service of the Federation in collaboration with Partnership to Engage, Learn and Reform under the Department for International Development (PERL-DFID)
has organised a one day training program for departmental training Officers of MDA’s.

In her opening remark, yesterday, in Abuja, the head of the civil service of the federation, Mrs Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita revealed that the civil service under her watch is creating a lasting structure for
thorough induction programmes for new officers as well as training programmes to old officers, so as to improve the productivity of the service.

The head of service who said that improving in human capital will ultimate impact positively on the nation’s gross domestic production (GDP), reveals:

“ Humans are like capital, if you do not invest in any capital, it
would not give you any returns.

Some of the developed countries in the world today have no natural resources in the form of crude oil that is abundantly available in our country, but some of these countries like Japan and Singapore, has a robust and well equip human capital
that has brought them to where they are today.”

“So, if we do not invest in human capital development, no matter what natural resources we have, we cannot go anywhere. That is why we are
going back to the drawing board to plan on a sustainable training
program in the service”, she said.

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