‘I disagree on Yusuf Buhari’

By Desmond Ekwueme

With heartaches and pains, I read comments by some Nigerians suggesting that Yusuf Buhari, the son of President Muhammadu Buhari who recently had an accident with his powerbike deserves the condition or situation he finds himself. His condition is critical according to reports. How could these people be celebrating the misfortune of Yusuf Buhari. Hmmmm….

Yusuf Buhari

Honestly, I cannot understand why we always reason like this. Wishing the young man evil just because you disagree with his father’s style of leadership or government, his policies, programs, principles or political party should not translate to such despicable wishes or thoughts. Why will any sane person reason like this for crying out loud?

Some people talk about his riding powerbike for pleasure while Nigerians are standing on long queues waiting for fuel as if Yusuf created or caused the scarcity of fuel. Powerbike? Is it that expensive for the son of Nigeria’s No. 1 citizen to ride? Go to Lekki alone and see how many Nigerians ride on different types of powerbikes yet they are not even children or siblings of governors or senators. Why do we think like this? Why? Is it a crime or sin for any Nigerian including of course Yusuf Buhari to ride on his powerbike during a festive period? Common Nigerians, common!!!

Talking about wishing Yusuf evil or celebrating his situation on account of his father’s “perceived sins” we must remember that we all have children or at least siblings….and what we wish and pray for others must surely come back to us. We must also remember that even if anyone thinks the President is not doing well in terms of the ways and manner he is managing the nation, it is not all members of his household that may support or agree with him or take his policies and programs hook, line and sinker. At least we all witnessed how Yusuf’s mother, talking about the First Lady, Aisha Buhari went as far as granting the BBC an interview just to sink the message that she disagrees with some things happening around her husband and in his government.

Of course, it is possible also that Yusuf could be telling his dad privately, “Daddy, Nigerians are not happy with your government on account of the serious hunger and poverty ravaging the country. Nigerian youths are jobless. Your governors are not paying salaries to civil servants, pensioners are still dying on queues waiting for their entitlements. There is inbalance in your appointments as a section of the country is obviously being marginalized. Many of your personal staff and ministers are very corrupt and they are stains on your glittering, immaculate and incorrigible robe. Daddy, kindly do something about these and very fast too.” This chap is very brave, brilliant, intelligent, humble and humane as I learnt. Surely, he is the type that can sit and may have been sitting down with Mr. President to share heart to heart discussions on the state of the nation at least periodically if not daily. So why wish him evil?

We are a very wicked, heartless and mindless race. I really wonder why things have degenerated to this point. I recall how Nigerians in their hundreds if not thousands including governors, senators, ministers, a few staff of the presidency and a couple of former leaders openly and secretly wish Mr. President dead while he was on medical vacation in London. Please don’t ask me which Minister or governor or presidency staff? We are all in this country and read comments from many concerning the health challenges of Mr. President.

We saw how some former leaders kick-started the breakup declaration which went wild across the country as their foot soldiers took the campaign far above board. But before this they had pushed the senate to impeach the President which the senate leadership tactfully turned down. They attempted pushing the military to stage a coup while the President was away, it failed. We saw how they commenced the false campaign on restructuring just to destabilise the system. After that noise, what then happened? Some of us thought they would stand by their request or campaign for restructuring which will lead us to true federalism but they did not. They went underground because their evil plot and deceitful agenda failed. They are not truthful to the ordinary Nigerian. They are overwhelmed by their selfish plots which are always against the masses.

We saw how presidency top guns in connivance with heads of parastatals and ministers were flying to London to give our sick President volumes of multi-million dollars contracts to sign. They bypassed the Acting President because of what they were hiding and what they wanted to gain. Do these persons wish Nigeria well? If they don’t, do they then wish Mr. President well? How could Abdulrasheed Maina be reinstated without the knowledge of a sitting President? Perhaps these presidency staff and Ministers merely want him to be a “vegetable” who will just be signing out money for their gains.

Back to Yusuf Buhari. We must pray for this young man. We must stop wishing people dead. I saw a couple of similar post when Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu lost his first son. And I took the writers or authors to the cleaners not minding the names their attack dogs called me. I insist if you have anything against our leaders or any of them face them or take them on squarely. It is your right as a citizen but be constructive about it….However, you must leave out their families from it. Truth is our leaders have created a yawning gap between them and the masses. Our leaders are grossly insensitive to the plight of the people. Our leaders have failed themselves, the people and the nation but, that does not suggest that we should sweep away or attack members of their families.

Let’s join hands and voices in prayers for our son Yusuf Buhari. Yes, he is our son irrespective of what anyone says, feels or thinks. I just hope, he was not taken to that Aso Villa Clinic where there is no single syringe!!! Get well quick Yusuf.


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