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We’ve all done it before—eaten two bars of chocolate or demolish an appetizing bowl of pounded yam and egusi soup while supposedly on a diet; bought something we can’t afford or spent an entire evening watching TV instead of doing the housework. Here’s an expert’s view on how to resist temptation. What better way to give it a try now the New Year is round the corner?

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Don’t rely on willpower: It’s much easier to stick to your resolve, if your will-power isn’t tested. This means no chocolate in the house, taking just enough money to cover your shopping list and, knowing you won’t be able to just watch for half an hour’, leaving the TV off until you’ve done what has to be done.

Understanding your triggers: Look for the feelings behind your actions. Do you eat or drink too much because you’re bored or lonely, or buy things to distract you from dealing with an unhappy relationship? Address what’s really going on and say goodbye to negative habits.

Have a treat: It’s bad to deny yourself something you enjoy, so allow yourself an occasional treat—setting a specific day and amount to keep you on track. And remember you’re human. OK, you’ve relapsed, but don’t beat yourself up about it, start again, knowing that you can easily resist temptation—if you really want to!

How to live a happy life: You can be carefree and live a happier life if you don’t take yourself too seriously, says top psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Casriel. “Many people feel guilty about being carefree. They’ve been conditioned that this is wrong. From early childhood they were made to feel irresponsible if they were having a good time. But a person can be perfectly responsible, law-abiding and moral, and still be carefree and enjoy life,” Dr. Casriel said. He offered these tips to readers who want to develop a more happy-go-lucky attitude.’

Don’t worry about things you can’t do anything about: “Instead, spend your time trying to improve the things you can do something about,” Dr. Casriel advised. “Take care of the things that have to be taken care of, whether it’s your car, refrigeration or whatever. There’s nothing like having nice surroundings, with everything running well, to give you the background for being care free.”

Take up a hobby: “If you have a creative eye, for example, try painting. If you have talented hands, build things. This will give you a feeling or well-being.

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