Why I Can’t Stop Supporting PDP – Dokpesi

***As Dickson Urges Party Leaders To Focus On Future

By Chibuzo Ukaibe, Abuja

Media mogul and contender for the national chairmanship of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the recent convention, Raymond Dokpesi, yesterday said he will not withdraw his support for the party.

Dokpesi who stated this when the PDP National Reconciliation Committee led by Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson, visited him at his residence in Abuja, noted that his mission to ensure the All Progressives Congress (APC) is removed from power in 2019 made him restrain from making statements that damaged the convention.

He also recalled his pre convention position that the outcome of the convention would accepted since the chairmanship tussle was not a do or die affair.

This comes as the reconciliation committee will be in South west tomorrow to meet former deputy national chairman, Chief Bode George and other aggrieved candidates from the region.

Dokpesi who polled 66 votes at the election had expressed reservations over the outcome of the election.

But speaking yesterday he said In his reaction, Dokpesi said, “There are quite a number of things that were said before the convention. I believe that Nigerians will recall that I said that the convention and the election that we are going into was not a matter of life and death. That I did say that I was conscious of the fact that power comes from God, and whoever emerges, I will give my unconditional support, to ensure that this party is able to fulfill its mission, to ensure that the challenges that are ahead can be overcome much more easily.

“I had defining moments where I would have on that Saturday made one or two statements that would have totally damaged the convention. But that is not my mission. My mission is to ensure that this present APC Government is removed out of office.

“So whatever were the shortcomings, I had already agreed and and I signed documents twice that I would unconditionally support whoever comes out of it.

“So here I am, I am willing, ready, prepared to allow the PDP have its breath, I pray for the PDP, I pray that we get it right. Be assured I will continue to give the PDP all the support that I need to give the party.

“I will not because of the events of that day withdraw my support from the party. Except that the younger generation that would be in charge at the helm of affairs, would have to be looking at the way and manner that support would be given,” he said

He commended Dickson for his commitment and sacrifices in ensuring the prevalence of peace within the PDP.

On his part, Dickson urged the PDP leaders and members to focus priority attention on the future in order to actualize the objectives of the party to take over power in 2019.

Dickson said that while it was a fact that the past was important as a guide to shape the future, the PDP leaders and members had a responsibility to focus their energy on the challenges ahead of the party.

He commended Dokpesi for his maturity and love for the party as shown by the statement he issued accepting the outcome of the convention and restraining his supporters.

He said, “Now the convention has come and gone the way it did. As party leaders, we know that even though it was a family contest, there was need to reach out to leaders who have played key roles in the party, and whose contributions moving forward would continue to be significant. We thought we should interact with you, to share ideas with you, to discuss some of the concerns and issues that have arisen after the convention.

“Primarily, it is not with a view to looking back as much as we would like all of us to focus on the future to see how we can get to our desired destination.

“The purpose of this engagement is not so much with a view to looking at the past than the future. We know the past is important to guide the future. But the purpose, the aim of this interaction is how we can move forward.”

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