Group cautions Lawmakers over budget delay

A Kano based pro-democracy organization, The Northern Agenda (TNA), has urged the National Assembly to desist from its high handedness in the way and manner they handle budget issues.


The National Chairman of the group, Mallam Abubakar Ibrahim, said this recently, urging Nigerians to rise up and condemn the parliament’s annual antics of causing budget passage delay.

“Unless the people show their displeasure over the anti-development attitude, the country will continue to nose dive into more hardship,” he stated.

The organisation further observed with dismay that, “our highly respected representatives, who were voted to protect our collective interests in Abuja have turned out to be our albatross, whose antics are retrogressive rather than progressive.”

According to the group, the stock in trade of the lawmakers “ is using the budget passage to get to the jugular of the executive all in the name of performing oversight functions and thereby pinning down the country’s desired economic and political growth.”

The group, which suspected that the attitude of the lawmakers amounts to opposition induced sentiment, therefore called on Nigerians to caution the legislators over their alleged annual rituals of holding the country to ransom hiding under their oversight functions.

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