How To Get Your BVN On Your Phone

How To Get Your BVN On Your Phone

How to get your BVN on your phone is simple. Don’t waste your time. What is the full meaning of BVN? It stands for Bank Verification Number. It is not unusual to hear people call it BVN number. It was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria as way of checkmating multiple identities by account holders. It has helped in the fight against economic and financial crimes in Nigeria.

Mobile Banking BVN

How to get your BVN has been made simple. If you forget it and you needs it urgently, all you need to do is dial *565*0#. This should be done on the mobile phone linked to your account. Yes, you see your BVN right on your phone within seconds. I you use internet banking, you simply login your user name and password. You will find it on the dashboard of your account.

In case you don’t know, it is unsafe to have your BVN saved on your phone. If phone is stolen some people can get all your info on your phone and withdrawal your money without ATM pin. Your BVN is more powerful to use when it comes to stealing your money from the bank.

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By Niyi Tabiti

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