How to activate your mastercard,Verve card for Online transactions in Nigeria

How To Activate Your Debit Card (A T M) For Online Transactions
Before you can use your ATM card do most of the online transactions, you need to activate the card to avoid having problems when doing online transactions. Most people complain that they always find it difficult to to use their ATM card do online transactions like webpay, funding accounts (like betting accounts), linking of card to PayPal account, running facebook ads, payment of school fees with ATM Card etc. So before you will able to do the above stuff you need to activate your card for online transactions.

How do I activate my ATM card?

1. To activate your card visit any ATM machine that work very well for transactions.

2. Insert your card.

3. Then select Quickteller.

4. chose the type of account you are using

5. Select *other*

6. Enter 322222 as your payment code

6. Then put your phone number as your

customers reference code.

7. Then accept the amount that will display, IE #1.00

8. Then you follow the prompts in order to
complete the transaction.

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