Editorial: The Doctor of Nonsense and the Porche Car

Editorial: The Doctor of Nonsense and the Porche Car

By Gistmaster: Dr Williams Micheal, a Nigerian medical doctor was arrested for fraudulent act. He purchased a porsche car valued at N28 Million in Nigeria. Williams paid the car dealer by pretending to make payment of the said amount into his account. The dealer received alert, which was later found to be fake.

Imohimi Edgal
Imohimi Edgal, Commissioner of Police, Lagos State

When he was paraded and interrogated by the Police, the fraudster bragged about his exploits. We are always enticed by ‘sweet stories’, that is why gullible bloggers,reporters and readers could swallow the statement of the young man hook line and sinker.

People love giving heroic accolades to criminals just the way national newspapers were referring to Evans as ‘Billionaire Kidnapper’ instead of Evans the notorious. No newspaper in the past referred to Lawrence Anini or Monday Osunbor as ‘Millionaire armed robbers’.

Check this: The fraudulent doctor said, the cyber security of most Nigerian banks are not strong. He also said he could hack N1 Billion (about $3 Million USD) from any Nigerian bank within minutes! The next question should have been, how many billions has he hacked from the bank. Why did he have to buy a car using a fake alert. How many houses and cars with his self acclaimed knowledge of hacking into bank accounts.

Dr Williams Micheal or whatever the name of the fraudster is just a doctor of nonsense. We should stop ‘glorifying’ him with headlines such as the biggest hacker in Nigeria history, hack machine or biggest internet hacker in Nigeria.

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